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Top Gun


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Im just have a question for all you people who have rode Top Gun for years ok.

When I was there at the park on the 8th I noticed something I never saw before in line, there was a sign that said speial lighting effects and artificial fog are used in this attraction. Did there used to be like a long time ago or what and if so where?


The Freak.

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That sign has been in the que since the ride opened in '93. They used to be fog in the area of the line under the station, the section now closed off. They were also fog that used to come up from under the bottom of the cars in the station as well, when the trains were entering or exiting the station. I'm not sure about the lighting effects though. I don't think they were any.

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They said it was supposed to make you feel like you were on an aircraft carrier. That is what the steam was for. It was supposed to make you feel like you were taking off and landing.

Top Gun at the time it opened was one of the best themed rides at KI. Now it one of the worst, however, it is still a great coaster.

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