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I'd like to see a coaster with plenty of airtime and mostly hills. It seems almost every coaster coming out lately is mostly banked turns, hills that turn, etc. It doesn't matter if its steel or wooden. When you have hill after hill after hill and you get that nice floater going over the top of each crest, thats just divine! With the terrain around the park, why not build another coaster in the back where all the hills are and run it up and down, this would give all kinds of unexpected drops, with some being longer than others, oh, and have the first drop be a double-drop, that would be awesome.

Great Idea we will call it The Beast and open it up in 1979. lol

Another ride like The Beast would be great in the park also. Just hope the new owers think so.

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So, what would a 600'+ coaster be called? Quantum Coaster? CosmoCoaster?

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that be SWEET!!! id call it Atom Buster!!!!

I just wanted to make my triple-digit-bustin', 100th PKIC post be a meaningful and thought-provoking one; so I'll just say "23 Days 'til Opening Day, Baby! Woohoo!" cool.gif

"Atom Buster", eh? Hmm... Sounds cool....

POST 100....yay! smile.gif

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