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TR: Florida Vaca

AZ Kinda Guy

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The next two albums from my Florida summer vacation are now up for your viewing pleasure. They are the visit to Universal Studios Florida and Universals Islands of Adventure. Two amazing parks covered in over 100 photos! Just look for the Universal and Islands of Adventure albums once you click the link. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Clcik here for the pics

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Man those are awesome photos! It is cool to see some of the stuff that can't be seen on RCDB or sites like that. And even the coaster pics are great. That one looking down the axis of the zero g roll on Ice Dragon where Fire Dragon goes over it - awesome pic. Thanks!

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Nothing beats the themeing in that park. This is what I think of the rides when I went a couple years ago.

Twister: Has to be the BEST walkthrough ride ever!

Jaws: The workers always are into it and make it seem like the ride is real. Gotta love their acting. The ride may be old, But it still rocks.

MIB alian attack: I didn't enjoy this ride very much, SDATHC would be my choice over that ride. It was cool, but not great.

Back to the future: It was fun the first time but after that, really didnt thrill me

The Hulk: This ride can only be explaned as extremly BA!!!!! I went on it almost 10 times in a row and had a blast each time.

Spiderman: It still marvel's me how the ride did the things it did! I loved how they put togeather the whole thing. The 3D was fantastic because it is the only 3D ride I know of that had no paticles flying right at you and seeming like it goes right through you.

Jurrasic Park river adventure: The drop is HUGE, All I can say. This is a MUST if you go to the park.

Dueling Dragons: Fire or Ice, Whatever you choose you will have a blast.

Poseidons Fury: The doors are what I love about this ride. The way they unlock and open is amazing! The actors are great, and all the effects are world class.

All in all, A trip to florida just wouldn't be right without a trip to Universals Studios!

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