Opened: 1973

Closed: 1982

Location: Oktoberfest, approximately where SlingShot now is

Former Names: At times misidentified as Bayern Curve

Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Industries GmbH

Model: Bayern Kurve

Speed: 55mph

Vehicles: Sixteen cars, two riders each, each car with a different country’s flag on the front

Description: Bayern Kurve was a roller-coaster-like thrill ride themed to an Olympic bobsled race. A train of two-person bobsleds raced around an oval track, gaining speeds. A loud horn would sound off when the ride reached its maximum speed.

History: Bayern Kurve opened as one of three new rides added to Kings Island in 1973 (the other two being Flying Dutchman and Kenton’s Cove Keelboat Canal). It was located in Oktoberfest, adjacent to Sky Ride. A similar ride, Olympic Bobs, had opened at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in the 1960s, but that one was manufactured by Chance Manufacturing and was not relocated to Kings Island.

Bayern Kurve originally included several thematic pieces, including a snowy mountain backdrop, faux trees in its center, and a large marquee that spelled out the ride’s name in glistening litters. Much of this theming was removed for the 1980 season, including the marquee. The interior was repainted as an alpine village.

Bayern Kurve’s last season was 1982. After its removal, it was relocated to sister park Australia’s Wonderland in New South Wales, Australia, where it operated as Wizard’s Fury from 1985 through 2002.