Opened: 1973

Closed: 1990

Location: Oktoberfest, where entrance of Adventure Express now is

Former Names: Often referred to as Dutch Shoes or Flying Shoes

Manufacturer: Intamin

Model: Flying Dutchman

Vehicles: 20 shoe-shaped vehicles

Description: Flying Dutchman was a spinning flat ride with shoe-shaped vehicles suspended from a small tower. The tower would lift and rotate, and the vehicles would swing around it.

History: Flying Dutchman was one of three new rides added to Kings Island in 1973 (the other two being Kenton’s Cove Keelboat Canal and Bayern Kurve). It was located in Oktoberfest, adjacent to Sky Ride. Before its opening, other theme options that Kings Island considered included automobiles, kegs, and flying saucers.

Flying Dutchman went relatively unchanged during its run at Kings Island. The ride closed after the 1990 season and was relocated to Kentucky Kingdom amusement park in Louisville, Kentucky, where it continues to operate to this day.

Adventure Express, which opened in 1991, re-used part of Flying Dutchman’s concrete ride pad. The beginning of the roller coaster’s queue followed the exterior of the old ride’s circular pad.