Opened: 1972

Closed: 1985

Location: Coney Island (today known as Coney Mall), current location of Coney Bar-B-Que

Former Names: At times referred to as Dodgems or Dodg’em

Model: Bumper Cars

Vehicles: Individual passenger cars (1972-1973), two-person cars (1974-1985)

Description: Dodgem was a classic bumper car attraction with a rectangular floor area. Originally shared a building with Cuddle Up.

History: Cincinnati’s Coney Island had had a bumper car attraction since 1924, and the ride at Kings Island came from Cincinnati’s Coney Island. This theoretically made Dodgem the oldest ride at Kings Island. However, it’s likely that the ride at Cincinnati’s Coney Island underwent enough changes (vehicles, location, etc.) that it could be argued it’s not the same ride as the one that opened in 1924.

At Cincinnati’s Coney Island, Dodgem shared a building with Cuddle Up and The Whip. Cuddle Up was also relocated to Kings Island and shared a building with the bumper cars once more, though The Whip was not relocated. The marquee for Dodgem was relocated with the ride and attached to the new building at Kings Island.

Dodgem originally opened with individual cars that could seat one rider each. In 1974, the cars were replaced with larger two-person cars. Around this time, the attraction also introduced a one-way rule, directing guests to drive in a large circle to minimize head-on collisions.

The adjacent Cuddle Up closed after the 1976 season, leaving Dodgem as the only ride in the building. Cuddle Up was replaced with Fascination, a competitive midway game.

1985 was the final season for the original Dodgem ride. In 1986, a larger bumper car attraction (which retained the same Dodgem name) opened nearby on land previously occupied by Flying Eagles. This new addition was in a different location with a different layout and new cars, and was therefore originally marketed as a new ride. However, the park has recently referred to the newer bumper cars and the original version as the same ride.

The area of the building occupied by the original Dodgem became Putter’s Place in 1986. It cycled through miscellaneous attractions in the following years, including a haunted house during FearFest (and later Halloween Haunt) from 2003 through 2016. The building was demolished late 2017 and replaced in 2018 with Coney Bar-B-Que.