Opened: 1972

Closed: 1979

Location: Coney Island (today known as Coney Mall), approximately in the current location outside Zephyr’s entrance (1972-1974), approximately in the current location of in front of Windseeker (1975-1979)

Manufacturer: Frank Hrubetz & Company

Model: Round-Up

Description: Halley’s Comet was a spinning flat ride that’s common at fairs. Riders would stand against the walls of a large circular cage and would be held in place by centrifugal force as the cage begun to spin. Once it had reached a high enough speed, the cage would then tilt upward with the riders remaining pressed against the walls.

History: Halley’s Comet opened with Kings Island and included a large remnant from Cincinnati’s Coney Island – a huge shooting star, which had been part of the Shooting Star roller coaster marquee at the former park. The fourteen-point star had originally been added to the wooden roller coaster in 1963.

Cincinnati’s Coney Island had added a round up of its own, Crazy Orbit, in 1960. Some sources have claimed that Halley’s Comet came from the old park and was presumably this ride, but Crazy Orbit was replaced by Calypso in 1963 and does not appear to have been relocated within the old park, based off old aerial photographs. It is unlikely that the two rides were the same and Halley’s Comet was likely built new for Kings Island.

When Coney Island (today known as Coney Mall) was expanded in 1975, Halley’s Comet moved from the former end of the area to the new end of the area. The large marquee was not retained during the relocation.

1979 was the final season for Halley’s Comet. After the ride’s closure, its large red cage remained on property for several more years and was placed in storage near the south Racer’s turn-around. A keen eye could still spot the cage from the Eiffel Tower into the early 1980s.