Opened: 1996

Closed: 2012

Location: Action Zone, current location of Banshees station and queue line

Former Names: XS Raceway (1996-1998), Days of Thunder (1999-2007)

Manufacturer: R.E. Enterprises

Model: Go Karts

Length: 665 feet

Speed: 18mph

Vehicles: One- or two-person stock cars

Description: Thunder Alley was an upcharge go-kart attraction. Riders could race in a large oval circle.

History: Thunder Alley opened in 1996 as XS Raceway. The oval racetrack originally permitted up to 20 cars at a time and allowed for 12-15 laps each race. Racecar driver Jeff Gordon even visited the park in conjunction with the new ride opening and praised it by saying “I wish I could come back every weekend to race on this track.”

When the ride’s area (Adventure Village) was rebranded as Paramount Action Zone in 1999, it was renamed Days of Thunder. Days of Thunder was a 1990 Paramount film about racecars, as well as a simulator film that ran at the park from 1994 through 1997 (see Action Theater for more information).

The ride was rebranded again in 2008 to Thunder Alley, losing its Paramount tie-in. The only major change to the attraction was a new sign, which misidentified the park as “King’s Island”. The attraction continued to operate through 2012, now with fewer cars permitted on the track and a $6 upcharge. It closed before the end of the 2012 season and was demolished alongside Son of Beast to make way for Banshee in 2014.

After the ride’s removal, the go-karts were initially stored backstage near Firehawk. They were later sold outside of the park. A car still occasionally appears for sale on Facebook Marketplace or similar.