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  1. Im Maybe they will leave the corkscrews or Loops for the time being and want it to be a surprise! Wishful thinking I know!
  2. I can't currently see lol Rain drop in the way lol
  3. Yes, The cam is down. Looks like KI caught on. Now we will be left in the dark.
  4. I do not believe so. They have't worked at all today. No crews on site.
  5. Ahh to be young again..... lol Enjoy it!
  6. yeah 2 trains. We will see. I really can't wait to ride it. haha
  7. https://www.coaster101.com/2020/01/24/behind-the-scenes-of-pantheon-construction/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR17bJAWHnAg0rebvptp_8UVjeIP-sAzZRNCZrgkKiuu3dUO0QV_vzBZx4I Let me know what you think! Sorry to get off topic here. Its what I would like to replace Vortex.
  8. I think the support that you circled does go in the head chopper portion?
  9. So I saw that BGW gave tours of the Pantheon site. WOW i gotta say that coaster looks amazing. I can't wait to ride it. I hope CF execs will go catch a ride as well! There is a crazy outward banked turn that looks so good. It kinda looks like RMC and Intamin teamed up lol
  10. I am sure there will be some sort of video. It might be them ripping the loops or lift down.
  11. They won't put any track in place with this weather. Doesn't look like any crew is on site. Early weekend for them!
  12. At this point it seems they don't care how it comes down. They will chain it up and pull it down. That's my opinion.
  13. Maybe it was mist or fog earlier today.
  14. And the filter is back......yuck lol
  15. Man those pictures are really hard to look at! Also looks like the filter or whatever they had on the DB cam is gone.....unless its just the weather doing it.
  16. it will be so weird not hearing it running while walking down that midway. Also not being able to be right there as it goes through the batwing.
  17. I think that leaves us with 1 more support and thats all!
  18. Or they may be adding more supports we just can't see due to all the supports from the helix.
  19. Cleo looks to be connecting to a section of track already installed. Would they remove a section in order to complete the helix? Maybe my eyes are just wrong haha
  20. Cleo is starting to raise. May see more track in place soon.
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