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  1. Its all opinions at this point in time. We all have our fav's and mine happens to be Intamin. I'd like to ride a Mack giga somewhere else first before I can comment on one coming to one of my home parks.
  2. There was talk about a renewed relationship with a manufacture. It could be intamin. I know its all speculation but if CGA gets a coaster I am sure they are not gonna get a used one if its a LIM shuttle launch.
  3. Yeah I feel ya. I love the rides they make. To be honest I'd be ok with the park getting a blitz coaster from Intamin. If it is a giga. I hope its more like Mill Force. Maybe taller?
  4. ^^ Either that or maybe something new with Intamin. Its been a while since I305. We could see something awesome. Something around 350' mark. Would be sweet.
  5. Add a Panda Express.......Then we are talkin! ** Edit. I am an idiot. There is one already and I ate there this season! * smacks forehead***
  6. I bet we see CF work with them again. Wait till the next big thing comes about that Intamin is working on. I am sure CF will install. Besides CGA is getting an intamin!
  7. A Intamin Blitz would be awesome! Taron looks insane!!!!
  8. I wonder if there was an update yet on any of these rumors? I hope Intamin makes a return to CF parks all over!
  9. Haha sorry I was scrolling through old polls! I had to put in my 2 cents lol
  10. I like ya all even if you prefer B&M! lol
  11. I would like to see a 350' intamin giga!
  12. You may be right and that's fine. I just think they have Diamondback already. Why not place an Intamin giga in a park with no Intamin coaster! Fun!!!!
  13. Well hang it back up but slightly taller??
  14. I do not under stand why it was removed. Was there ever an answer?
  15. With all those things that happened. I still prefer Intamin lol they have my <3 lol B&M's don't thrill me as much. They are fun and all but not as aggressive. I do however respect your opinion!
  16. Something will go taller sooner then later. Diamondback is now a Ki classic. It stays forever.
  17. Well since in an earlier post I would wait to see how much "higher" it goes. I wouldn't care for a ride to go 206'. Make it 306' and we are talking! I wonder If MACK would go that tall and try to compete with Intamin and B&M. I would accept it at Ki if tall enough. It would be a change for sure,
  18. I was wondering where the thing went this year when I was at the park. Was there any reason for the removal?
  19. The Crypt building! cough cough new phantom cough cough. Also bring back the spinning boots swing type ride...any one remember what those were called?
  20. I'm just over here praying for an Intamin giga. I hope that renewed relationship is with Intamin! I am excited! We know these coasters take a while to design and move along with planning. Just like at CP as soon as Mill Force was done the planning was started on TTD even though they added wicked twister between those two.
  21. Yes. I miss the Coney Mall sign!!! Has there been any speculation as to what is going to be retired after this season?
  22. ^^ Yeah now that you said it goes downhill I remember that it does. Dam these cars! lol Where ever will that be placed if they come!
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