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  1. Yeah I am not sure I have not heard of anything or any rumors for KI so far this season. Has anyone else?
  2. Off topic but its a sad day. There was an accident at the Ohio Sate fair and a ride malfunctioned. There was 1 death and 6 injured. I am grateful that Cedar Fair as a wonderful team that takes care of our rides. Prayers out to the families. This is was I do not ride the rides they take down and put back up every other week.
  3. Topple Tower. Huss still has an active website.
  4. Heck i'd be ok if they got some type of wild mouse coaster. Zamperla or Grestlaur
  5. Well darn. I haven't seen one around here at the parks ive been too. Looks fun.
  6. Such a story behind this coaster. Love hearing it all.
  7. Ohhh I wonder if we can get a Tilt Tower. How fun!
  8. That would be SoB. lol Unless its referring to its daughter. ( Referring to Maestro)
  9. Thanks for the memory share! That was a good one. I will go even further and remember I was so scared to ride a stand up coaster. I was around 9 years old and thinking how is that safe at all. King Cobra was also an awesome site to see. Looking back at it now it was tiny but at 9 I was like wow people stand up on there. I went years and year not riding it. It was the only one I would not do. A couple years later I go up to Cedar Point with friends and they wanted to ride Mantis ( way way way bigger then King Cobra). I was like oh crap I can't look like a chicken and rode it. It was awesome!!! I went right back to KI and got on Kinga Cobra before they took it down. Too bad stand up's are so uncomfortable.
  10. I have been meaning to go over to Holiday. I am only 4 and a half hours from that park. Those woodies look sweet!
  11. Meh, I may be bias. The Beast is by far my favorite wooden coaster. As for Mean Streak CP is my 2nd home lol so yeah haha
  12. Mean Streak was fun. It wasn't overly rough until the last couple years of existence. That's just my opinion though. There are some steel coasters that were worse then MS ever was. Example: Carolina Cobra's at Carowinds is terrible. Sorry I kinda went off topic.
  13. I still think It would of been awesome if they RMC'd SOB. Just imaging what kind of coaster KI would have now if they did. Banshee may be where Mystic Timbers is now. MT may not be here. SOB was massive and seeing those Iron Horse tacks going through that structure would be insane!!!
  14. Well I thought they can referb. Isn't that what they do lol
  15. That would of ben a dream come true.
  16. Could you imaging if they RMC'd SOB hahaha I'd ride that in a heart beat!!!
  17. I also rode a couple times with the loop and a couple without. Still was a terrible ride. I am not sure why I kept riding it. It was massive and impressive but I am glad its gone. Banshee is a much better replacement.
  18. Psht! Speak for yourself lol I<3 Intamin. Maverick!!!
  19. Too bad they did't use a different manufact for SOB. I am sure another company would of crushed it and it would still be around!! I am just not sure what wooden coaster comp would take on such a project. Also too bad Cedar Fair didn't own the park before to design and pick a better manufact.
  20. Good question......and answer!
  21. Yeah it was def a fav of mine growing up. Haunt Mansion is awesome and fingers crossed Ki can get a Phantom 2 somday!
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