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    Maineville Ohio (near Kings Island)
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    I love Classic rock, My favorite rollercoasters are The Beast and Diamondback, working at Haunt

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  1. I'm stoked to see the transformation once the park opens
  2. I wanna hear opinions about my scare zone Toxic Wasteland from Haunt 2018. To be honest myself working there, it could be better. I'm saying that because I've been sent to many haunted houses during the entire event and it seems more organized and resulted in more fears than Wasteland. I've also seen other scare zones like Pumpkin Eater and it seems more successful than Wasteland
  3. For me, I personally love the environment the most. That and I also find scaring people very satisfying. Just seeing their reaction gets me every time. My favorite costume, I'd say wolfpack
  4. Chaos Lab, Wolf Pack, Toxic Wasteland (my home scarezone)
  5. The Beast is better hands down on me
  6. Hello, im new to this forum. I worked in Toxic Wasteland (Somewhat new scare zone) and was wondering if there's any other vets from Haunt 2018.
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