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  1. I dont see the attraction of a floor-less coaster. Can someone explain why there has been so much hype about getting 1 As for the Hulk. I found it a pretty decent ride. Was pretty smooth. (this coming from someone that couldnt drive home and had surgery shortly after getting back to KY Kumba looks like a newer version of Vortex.. not that that is bad. Lets just not put something in there that is gonna require most of the trees
  2. If that is anything it's return track but I dont see them doing that quite yet. They will keep that area as open as possible for the multiple cranes that will be needed in that area and further up I stand corrected. It very well does look like finished track
  3. Concrete truck at transfer location behind the tree
  4. Link to the crane company https://www.sterettcrane.com/crawler-cranes/
  5. Has there been any rain that would cause the stream to get bigger or any other water source??
  6. Do they need a removal/demolition permit to tear Vortex down (pretty sure they do) and if so someone could go find out if it has indeed been filed and see if it possibly has a timeline
  7. Well we know the days are numbered for Invertigo (granite the days are a lot longer now) but Its FoF that is in questiom
  8. well there is another RIP from the promo Collage by yours truly
  9. The down time for Vortex is extremely low... example: last 7 day 97.6% https://queue-times.com/parks/60/rides/5900
  10. I dont think it will SBNO If they were gonna do that then the smartest thing that CF could do is give it the season curtain call due to the fact that it is still operational and mechanically sound. That would also take a small about of wait time for Orion if it was still running
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