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  1. Let us know how univeral is this year. Is this ur 1st time?
  2. Universal Florida provides free lockers for certain rides
  3. Yeah it was a 1 and done Thursday. I remember back in the day u could ride this nonstop without much headbanging and shaking. It use to be a coaster you could almost fall asleep on. However Vortex was about as smooth as i've felt in a long time. I don't know why. I know they didn't do anything to it. AND my biggest disappointment was Mystic Timbers. This was my first time riding it and I found the ride very uncomfortable. Yes the airtime was great but some of the twist and turns did not have a smooth transition. I dont understand why so many people luv this coaster. I find Beast a much more enjoyable ride.
  4. I found The Racers way worse than they were even 3 years ago. Was looking forward to seeing what "improvements" they did but found out there really werent any
  5. OK thanks. I told her it was the queue line for SOB. I myself don't remember using them when I rode it. Maybe the line wasnt long enough to have to use them. Never been to Halloween Haunt so I had no clue about that.
  6. Walking back from my Bat ride someone asked me what the turnstile/cattle stall/overflow line was for before you go thru the tunnel. I gave her an answer but don't know if I was right. Could someone tell me what they were used for so I can tell her the right answer. (It's not fun getting old and forgetting things lol) Thanks
  7. You deserved to get 1 for all the work u've done on this campaign
  8. If area 72 is paying homage to area 51 how does the name orion fit into this
  9. However they would have made more than enough money to cover the cost of the additional cost in those 2 to 3 seasons
  10. Rode Vortex yesterday and IMO it was the smoothest ride its been in years. Was prepared for a 1 and done but was pleasantly surprised
  11. It does but I was just using 1 reference
  12. Question. Did Viking ever do the 360 loop like the 1 at Carowinds? I'm trying to figure out which park I rode it on. Thanks
  13. Fall out of a 2 story building and see if you notice a difference....lol
  14. Who here with a season pass is going to be there early thursday and would be willing to pick up 3 tickets from me using your season pass discount? I can paypal for the tickets. Drop me a message. Thanks
  15. With all proceeds going to upgrading our giga
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