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  1. Kings Dominion launches fireworks in the daytime but has haunt till 10 on sundays.....
  2. I mean little parks around KI has a better woodie(voyage) & steel(storm chaser) than KI has subjectively with KI having so much more deeper pockets......
  3. Halloween horror nights is an upcharge event and it didn't even win USA today's contest.
  4. hence my original post LMAO that you guys are making a big deal out of this.
  5. that was due to ki fanboys spending days on the computer voting
  6. Will no boo necklaces be back? We like walking around with our daughter has she holds it out like a cross towards vampires.
  7. LMAO, you guys are acting like the golden tickets are legitimate. CF needs to grt with the program and cater to enthusiasts if they want to use the golden tickets for marketing.
  8. Build a large RMC or Intamin and have more operating days.
  9. the technology is not there to launch it over the top hat with lsms in the current amount of space
  10. Aren't their cheap passes just for one park and the pass to get into all parks was around the same cost of a gold membership?
  11. lol. Got to ride maxx forceless last month, was disappointed in the launch personally. The snappiest launch I have experienced is xcelerator while maxx forceless looks better on paper.
  12. yes a couple years ago, what about the millions that has ridden it? Also pre existing conditions probably is a cause
  13. it's been around forever. They dialed up the launch a little bit a couple years ago for the record.
  14. To many moving parts there is no way around that. You won't see anymore large compressed air launces anymore either. I am sure if intamin built a 200' hydraulic launch today similar to maxx force uptime would be high. Gemini would had been torn down if intamin didn't invent the hydraulic launch. LSM technology has improved so much. They are using I believe 6th generation stators from a company in Germany today.
  15. That is why Intamin phased out its hydraulic launch.
  16. or rides that were 20 years ahead of its time. Technology has still not caught up with ttd.
  17. Probably trying to sell tickets/passes and still not open till next spring. They waited this long, why open it in the fall? If any ride would open in the fall it would be at BGT IMO.
  18. There was an article last year or before last when TTD had extensive refurbishment and I believe the article quoted a engineering/manufacturing company out of Dayton I believe.
  19. Why did the rest of the accelerator coasters continue to run? If you don't change brake pads/rotors and it explodes is it on you or the manufacturer?
  20. Don't CF have a company in Ohio reverse engineering parts for TTD among others???
  21. millenium flyers are too bulky as well as timberliners IMO. No need for the articulation anyways.
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