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  1. I think a Intamin multi launch themed after an old munitions factory would be far better suited for the old Vortex plot of land. Sports theming in my eyes isn’t all that appealing for thrill rides.
  2. My feeling is that if your that scared of second hand smoke and catching COVID then don’t go to an amusement park during a pandemic. I don’t smoke but I also don’t believe you should punish them for doing it in an outdoor space or putting said space inconveniently outside the park for a shamming show to ensue. There will be enough shamming in the park every time someone sneezes, coughs, farts, removes mask in a non designated area or excited uncontrollable self or children get too close to other people. I’m sure more harmful pollutants are released in the air when visiting the park by the massive power plant that powers all your favorite rides than Joe and Jane enjoying a cigarette that everyone likes to point the finger at.
  3. I think the idea of putting a custom wild mouse inside the Crypt structure is great. They could incorporate an elevator lift instead of a lift hill to save space. They could also reuse old theming and and add some more around the ride itself and be a runaway mine ride!
  4. Yea sorry, I meant Mystic Timbers.
  5. Please understand that I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers by saying that AE is a shell of itself or would be my pick for removal. These are all my opinions. Racer RMC is my opinion as well and like Don I also have strong feelings for it due to what that ride stands for me as a child and being my first coaster. I still however like the the thought of a dueling RMC which Racer meets that criteria. I seldom ride it anymore when visiting the park but only because there are better rides with longer cue lines and it always gets put into the category of “if we get to it” with the group. The Beast is still the best woodie of all time and Twisted Timbers is no slouch either. These two are strong enough to represent woodies at any other park by themselves let alone together in one.
  6. Please explain how Racer is a hybrid?
  7. I still say RMC The Racer which Don didn’t even comment about which is surprising to say the least.
  8. You are right and I completely missed the fact that woodies in general have a much longer lifespan vs steel. This was bad logic on my part to justify the conversion. This does not change my opinion however that Racer would make a great RMC coaster. Also, an RMC converted Racer would draw huge crowds to it and chew through cue lines quickly.
  9. I feel your pain and this is also why I want a Racer RMC. It was my first childhood coaster and what better way to extend the life of it and make it a favorite of the younger generations. Also it will pull a lot of bodies from other cue lines and munch through them as a dueling RMC. Everyone wins!
  10. Due to low ridership.When they see that the ride no longer draws a reasonable amount of riders then they will add that to the equation with maintenance and operating cost. With Adventure Express being an Arrow coaster I would imagine maintenance and operating cost are higher compared to newer rides as well. Arrow parts are harder to come by with them being out of business and most certainly played a role into The Vortex demise.
  11. Don’t get me started on Adventure Express which is at this time in it’s current state, a waste of space. It was at one time a great family ride but has had the Cedar Fair theme gutting that has happened to most rides at their parks. Most days there is almost no line and from a business stand point doesn’t make sense anymore. I’m sure here in the near future it will be with a few other unnamed rides on the chopping block.
  12. I think The Racer would make an awesome RMC conversion candidate. Yes it’s iconic but we are not talking about removal so much as remodel. I know some people’s feelings would be hurt and say it’s a great family coaster or it is a classic woodie. How many family coasters does one park need? As I see it the park only has 3, maybe 4 enthusiast coasters vs 7 or 8 family coasters. Also, I think the remaining wooden coasters in the park being The Beast and Mystic Timbers are good enough to support the woodie fix when needed. FYI: The Racer was the first coaster I ever rode back in 1982 when I was 6 and I’m fine with it.
  13. I will be calling it “The Southside Blues”. First in reference to the great view from the lift hill of that empty plot of land just south of it where Vortex stood. Second for the color of Orion.
  14. Most likely that is Christmas lights that have not yet been removed.
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