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  1. Orion requires 3 clicks to ride. After riding Diamondback Saturday its very similar. I feel it's easier to get into Orion as the seats were designed for seatbelts unlike with Diamondback. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  2. From my experience last night you needed at least 3 clicks and a small portion of the red line is visable at that, no line meant no ride. And I could never hear the first click. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  3. Here is a pic of the Dodgem sign taken on Saturday during Coasterstock. Not for sure if it is new. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  4. Wasn't it announced already that there wasn't place to store your stuff in Banshee's station? With that I really think that is where lockers will be like Cedar Point did with Gatekeeper.
  5. I believe I am the guy named Matt. It was nice meeting you and this was a great event again this year.
  6. Thanks for the awesome photos KIFAN1980. I know I did an interview for Channel 19 but I can't find a thing on it. Also I know that we were on Channel 5 this morning as someone from work noticed me.
  7. Well as I might be feeling those 104 rides from yesterday, I can say it was well worth it for Give Kids The World. Had a blast again this year and can't wait till next. Also would like to thank Kings Island for putting on this great event. It was also nice to meet you all again.
  8. I am excited to do this again. It was a blast last year.
  9. It was very nice to meet you standbyme and also this is a great trip report. I am glad you made it to 81 rides before the rain. Even with my height I found a very comfy seat and made it to 104 after the rain. I now have a different understanding of The Racer and really can't wait till next years event. As its been said, it was a great event for a great cause and I am more motivated now to raise more for GKTW.
  10. Just wanted to add it was nice meeting all of you. Even after over 100 rides on The Racer I believe I am more motivated to raise more money for this great cause. I was told I was on Channel 5 but as jcgobie3 I really can't find anything. I know I saw 4 camera crews there. Also I would of thought one of them would of got a better picture then they did of us.
  11. I didn't see any other post about this so I thought I would start one. For the ones that participated it was very nice to meet all of you, also congrats it appears that we were the top raising team. For those that didn't participate it was alot of fun for a great cause. I personally was one of the 5 riders that made it over 100 rides on the Red Racer, and I am a little sore today. The Racer Crew was amazing and went well above their duties throughout the whole event. They made sure we had water, enjoying our singing and craziness in the middle of the event, and motivating and congratulated all of us that made it to 100. I now know I have a completely different understanding of The Racer and really can't wait till next year as I feel more motivated to raise more for Give Kids The World. Hope to see you all there next year for this great cause.
  12. Here is the link to the team site just in case anyone else wants to as well. I'll let you pick who you want to put in under. http://www.firstgiving.com/process/teamarea/default.asp?did=1785&teamid=147692
  13. Count me in as well. 1) Avatar/Jesse 2) Coaster Kid/Ryan 3) standbyme/J.D. (Signed up under Stan Byme) 4) TylerRider/Tyler 5) Fire-Beast-OF FEAR/Duncan 6) m2raptor/Matt
  14. One thing I will add for the Security is that a change seems to have been made to put Guards at least at Diamondback, The Beast, and WindSeeker throughout the day. That's how it was on Sunday, but that might of just been for the Holiday Weekend. I had a feeling that I wasn't the only one that noticed the dress code issues. We all know that KI Management reads this forum so my hope is that they see this and will get this corrected. I really do like the direction of the park recently but with everything there will always be some issues. Thankfully this one can be corrected easily. BTW thanks for reminding me of the unbuttoned shorts...... ugh really?
  15. Most of the guys I have seen violating it are around the Train area, so they might of just got back from the water park and really I have seen about 4 total. Mostly its the women that are violating it. As for it being posted I am pretty sure it is on all of the Rider Safety Guide signs at the entrance of every ride. And I think they all say shirt and shoes required to ride. Also I found this from: http://www.visitkingsisland.com/public/visit/faq.cfm "Is there a dress code at Kings Island? Shirts, shorts/pants and shoes must be worn at all times. Proper swimming attire for Boomerang Bay is defined as one or two-piece swim suits without abrasive buttons, rivets, zippers or snaps." Just as an example, I know that I have seen people have to put their shoes back on to ride Diamondback and White Water Canyon. Now on WindSeeker, Drop Tower, and my guess Invertigo you can't have shoes required due to it being a safety issue.
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