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  1. I would force yourself on and when you start moving there's no turning back or have some friends make sure you don't get out of line (make sure they're strong)
  2. Here's a high quality video http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...040021/-1/CINCI
  3. How many flatbeds on average do you think come to the parking lot everyday?
  4. That would be a nice touch and maybe go througha cloud of fog in different parts.
  5. This is great!Now I wonder when they will start construction...
  6. Something tall, something along the lines of Millenium Force like, max speed of 90-95, cool elements, overbanked turns, steel, smoothest ride ever and no bugs in face.
  7. Nah,who really cares?They're just fine where they are.
  8. Eagles...Cobra and all those other rides gone...that really upsets me.
  9. Just imagine going through those slides in the Winter.
  10. Oh...well then...just keep updating then.
  11. Well anyhoo I saw X-Flght had been taken of the rides list on geauga lake's website. Click me!
  12. Yeah...I was looking at the stats. of all the rides...SOB's capacity rating dropped over 400,000 and will drop even more next year.
  13. You might be a PKI addict if you make hydrolic pressure sounds at home.
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