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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Sounds like they may be sanitizing trains between cycles.
  2. The posted picture is still a lot better than pictures I've seen from Holiday World and Indiana Beach last week. At least "some" people are being somewhat conscious of distancing. And nearly everyone is wearing masks at least to some capacity.
  3. ^agreed. Cedar Fair's lawyers (I assume) are just as precautionary as Six Flags'. This is an unfortunate event, but more than anything I hope it shines a light to Six Flags to take a look at Magic Mountain and do a better job of upkeep of the park. I was there last October, and if I'm being honest, the place looked quite terrible. There are numerous plots of land that formerly had rides on them, only to just be neglected and abandoned. They put basically no effort at all into maintaining a good looking park, even though it's a year-round park. Rather than focusing on securing their "most
  4. Oh hey, I'm back. Been a while... I'm glad to see Kings Island continue to add new attractions to their haunt event, but after experiencing Halloween Horror Nights (both Orlando and Hollywood) and Knott's Scary Farm, I have a hard time saying that any of the midwest haunts are good. I enjoy them, and it's great to see the parks with all of the creepy decor, but beyond that, the mazes are mediocre at best and the crowds are beyond crazy most of the time. The funny thing is that when I was at Knott's Scary Farm last year, they were having a meeting with all of the GM's in the Cedar Fair chai
  5. ^You definitely should. And agreed on the Calico Mine Ride aka Witch's Keep. That ride is very unique and neat even when it's not haunt season, but the added haunt effects took it to another level. And faeriewench, no doubt. For a first maze design, that's a great accomplishment. Really solid stuff the whole way through.
  6. Been a while since I posted anything on here, and I hope it's not frowned upon to post a link to an external report, but I posted my trip report for Knott's Scary Farm and Universal HHN on my blog. Keep in mind this link is primarily just a review of the haunts. Here's a link. I'll try to summarize quickly though. In short, this was an incredible trip. I grew up going to Cedar Point's and Kings Island's haunts, so I was expecting a better, but similar experience at Knott's. WRONG. Knott's has phenomenal mazes with incredible detail in them, and a crap ton of scareactors. Great stuff. An
  7. Sounds like a good night to ride the other stuff, haha.
  8. Sound the alarms!!!!!111111
  9. With less than 3 hours to go, and 445 pages of more-or-less junk to go through, here's some of my favorite parts of this thread (from about the 50 pages I've actually seen)... 1) People REALLY love Don. Even when he quite literally does nothing at all, it's the most genius PR move in the world. Don't get me wrong, Don does a great job. But let's be real... all he's doing is a) not telling anyone what it is, and b. giving some subtle hints which may or may not be true. 2) Despite zero announcements being made, it was a PROVEN FACT even last week that it was an invert. *sigh* 3) Parking i
  10. I'm going with resorts renovation. Breakers is looking pretty shabby on the outside these days.
  11. Yeah but don't worry. There will be thousands of complaints because the ride won't be exactly what people want. And endless amounts of construction coverage to banter over.
  12. I would love a launched lift with a wing-over drop at the top. One can dream
  13. You're all wrong. It's an Intamin Flume ride. Kenton's Revenge!
  14. I'm loving being a fly on the wall here. Some "possibly true" blueprints get leaked, and all of a sudden everyone is an expert and knows everything about the ride. Settle down, 15 year olds -Dvo, patiently waiting for Thursday.
  15. Based on that, it's quite apparent what's going on. With the success of Six Flags Great America re-locating and re-branding Iron Wolf as Apocalypse, they are again moving a ride to make room for future expansions. So get ready, boys and girls. "NEW" for 2014 at Kings Island... BATMAN THE RIDE.
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