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  1. I'm surprised at all of the people asking for Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular to be replaced. It should be clear by now that when there is a heavily themed attraction that requires extensive upkeep, you can count on Kings Island letting it deteriorate. Starlight, Boo Blasters, The Crypt, all have stood as testament to this. It makes me very thankful for what remains of Flight of Fear's and Adventure Express' themeing. Is it necessarily a bad thing that Kings Island can't maintain heavily themed attractions? Not really. They're not a destination park like Universal or Disney, they're a regional, seasonal park. My hope is that they stick to what they do best, and that doesn't involve intricate light shows.
  2. Still one of the best first halves of a coaster out there. When I ride it, all I see is missing opportunity. It's an extremely fun moderate coaster, but it sits in the corner of the park gathering rust and letting each piece of remaining theming disappear. I hope it's next 20 years see a reverse of the trend of the last two decades.
  3. That you could visably seeDon't feed the troll...just what BigSexy/YoungStud wants. Plus, if we don't quote the nonsense, the block feature works perfectly. If you DO quote, it fails...lol Mr. Bennett, in this world of technology, if there was new track at clermont someone would have a picture on here... Even if there isn't any track at the Batavia plant visible to the public (which there may or may not be, absence of proof is not proof of absence), that means very little towards whether or not this is a Beemer. The parking lot where track is seen is a staging area, seen fairly late in production. Track will show up in the Batavia lot days or weeks before it is shipped to its respective park. Considering where Kings Island is in construction, track and supports probably shouldn't be expected to arrive for another several weeks, perhaps a couple months. If our coaster is in fact a B&M being manufactured in Batavia, it's track and supports are probably currently inside the building, being made away from public eyes. Why do I feel like Ive said all of this several times before?
  4. Because where he has the lift hill now, there is in actually a flurry of footers in a small area, not typical of a lift hill. Additionally, it would put the end of the hill somewhere on top of Adventure Express. It would make more sense to put the end of the ride there and flip the lift hill so it leads out into the valley.
  5. Regardless of your opinion on a B&M invert, from an objective standpoint it would be a good investment for the park. You cannot argue that an invert would be a "waste of steel" based on what you think of ride experience. A B&M invert would be a high capacity, reliable and cost effective ride that would draw crowds just as Diamondback did. Kings Island or Cedar Fair will NOT make decisions based upon the opinions of enthusiasts on a fan forum. If they decide that a B&M invert will be a successful addition, they will add it, regardless of what enthusiasts think.
  6. Here are some observations and interpretations of the array of footers made visual with the help of MS Paint and DiamondbackFOF's fantastic group of pictures. Firstly, here is a better way to view the groupings of footers. They're in rows, which, though they don't look to be in line with each other due to the terrain and perspective, very much are organized as such: There's another footer to the left of this frame that also lines up with the top row. Secondly, we totally do have a big grouping of parallel footers. It's hard to tell at first, but when they're marked (here each set of two parallel footers are marked with a line connecting them), the pattern becomes clear: RailRider's post got me making that association, and helped me make a connection: Going off of that, here's a rough prediction of what I think makes for a series of brake runs and a transfer shed. Excuse the lack of MS Paint skills, you get the general idea of what I mean: That's just my educated guess. The rest of the stuff behind Slingshot I assume to be some wicked kind of helix-y elements going on. For future reference, here are all of the currently poured footers marked with red dots for easier sight:
  7. It should be fairly clear by now that we are on track for a large steel coaster. The footers still don't identify any manufacturer (many of them use the rectangular "plugs" in the footer, again it all depends on engineering and not style) but the size and scope of them certainly indicates a larger steel roller coaster. It can be said with some certainty however that the round "plug" footers are most likely for ride supports and not brakes / station supports. The footers are growing at a quick pace, which puts it on a time scale a few months behind Diamondback, but still several before Gatekeeper. The "grid" of several rows of footers seems to be a transfer track area, and the footers are starting to descend down the hill where Son of Beast's second helix once stood, which I like. It indicates that the ride will not be contained to the former Thunder Alley location. I am puzzled by the flurry of disorganized footers behind Slingshot, that is an area which would presumably be near the station or lift hill. Perhaps some sort of element will go there? Another thing I'm having difficulty with is Don's statement that there may not be a day this summer when an announcement is made. Taken at face value, this would certainly go against the standard ride announcement procedure, announcing in August before season passes go on sale for next year. However, it would be foolish to take the statement at face value. I have been struggling to find the correct interpretation of that statement, other than a fall announcement or nighttime announcement, both being far too literal. All of this is pure speculation, I can't claim to know any more than anyone else about this project. If I were a gambling man, I would wager on B&M, though a model is harder to identify. I hope for an invert.
  8. Please, stop with the donkeys. This is (thankfully) not Theme Park Review. They aren't funny there, either.
  9. Every post in this topic convinces me more and more that Kentucky Kingdom is a Hot Potato. No one seems to know just how hot until they touch it. I have a feeling that Ed Hart significantly underestimated the cost of refurbishing the property, which means a lot, considering he's already chosen to look for outside funds instead of financing the project out of pocket. My prediction is that Hart will act the same as Six Flags and the Koch family - he'll toss the hot potato.
  10. Night Row *was* Terpy's most obvious hint. A frequently recurring one...five years ago. I doubt it holds the same relevance now. My, how the time passes...
  11. Night Row was the most obvious hint Terpy has ever given. And most people still never got it.
  12. And this is a bad thing? The reason you don't see issues from Beemers that you see from Intamins is because B&M sticks with tried-and-true methods that still deliver. You don't need a 400 foot tall, 120 mph launching coaster to draw crowds. You do if your park already has a hyper and a giga... And since Cedar Point added a 420 foot tall coaster, they've added a 105 foot coaster and a 170 foot coaster. Since Six Flags Great Adventure added a 456 foot tall coaster, they've added a 181 foot coaster and a 154 foot coaster. Both parks seem to be doing fairly well in this post-one-upping-themselves situation. Honestly, the next time someone suggests that taller and faster coasters are better or necessary, I may just pull my hair out. To the general public and to most sensible enthusiasts, Kings Island's choice to add an Intamin "Biggah Baddah Fastah" ride or a B&M "Snorefest" will not significantly alter their plans to visit and spend at the park. To about 99% of the people who visit Kings Island, a new ride is a new ride. I'll be dammed if anyone in management actually protested a B&M addition because some enthusiasts think they're boring.
  13. An announcement will be made around the time season passes for 2014 begin going on sale in August. That's when most of next year's big additions are announced, in order to increase sales. Diamondback was announced August 6, 2008. This construction, however, is not following the Diamondback construction timeline. Diamondback had land clearing beginning in late 2007 and had seemingly twice as many footers set on opening day than this does now in June. Not because it was any bigger or better, that's just how it went. Gatekeeper construction didn't even start until late Summer 2012. Every addition is different, and there is no master-timeline off of which all construction is planned. As for new construction updates, I'd stop asking for them daily if I were you guys. At this point in construction I would expect a slow increase in footer population for a quite a while, barring some unforeseen circumstances (Diamondback had a splashdown pool, that was pretty weird being built when we didn't know what it was).
  14. Neither Millennium Force nor Diamondback are rough at all. Diamondback shuffles a bit after the turnaround, but it does next to nothing to reduce its speed. The trim and midcourse directly afterwards do that job quite nicely. In terms of B&M versus Intamin for roughness/smoothness, they're usually about equal. As for all of that speed and height make for better coasters nonsense that was going on a few pages earlier...it's like none of you guys have ever ridden Maverick or a GCI before.
  15. You're right, it is unbelievable. Mainly because it's screamscape and their "sources" are probably either this exact website or their butt. New to KIC'ers, this is as good as a time as any to learn: Screamscape is NOT a reliable source of any information.
  16. Have you ever ridden either an invert or a diver? Each of the 3 inverts I've ridden (Raptor, Dueling Dragons and Montu) have been absolutely spectacular. The dive machine I've ridden (Sheikra) was fun, but not very impressionable. I've always wondered why folks around here tend to clamor for dive machines. I suggest you go to Busch Gardens and ride their diver and invert in the same setting. See which one you would rather ride a second time. Of all of the steel coaster possibilities, a B&M Invert would be my first choice.
  17. I don't know about brick and mortar, but it was found earlier the only help the Warren County website has to offer is the cost of the foundation (footers and the like), which was something like $250,000
  18. Some of the most intelligent and observant members on this board have contradicted your quite firm stance recently, and I would have to side with them. By the end of the summer Kentucky Kingdom, a property Six Flags already apparently saw no return on, will be 4 years out of service. Several times possible buyers have come and gone. No one claims to know anything with certainty, but most of the last several years has offered a reasonable basis to wager against its reopening. That is, no one claims to know anything with certainty, except you, apparently.
  19. I'm not getting angry at the speculation. I'm a veteran of the "Rumor Coaster for 2009" thread (which I believe still holds the record for longest thread in the site's history, though I'm probably mistaken), so I've participated in my share of rumor discussions. I just think it's silly to speculate on trivial things such as footers and the like. Somewhere in here there was a conversation about Cedar Fair's buying habits and the recent tendency towards B&Ms that I thought was very constructive and interesting discussion. I think the past actions of the owners is a lot more substantial basis for speculation than the shape of footers is all. If you want me to speculate, I'd put my money on a large investment steel coaster from a reliable manufacturer with the transfer track / station area where Thunder Alley once stood. If you want me to tell you what I wish for, I wish for a B&M Invert or Wing Rider, though the latter is apparently not an option. I'd love to have a Raptor or Montu at Kings Island. Actually I'd really love to have a Thunderhead at Kings Island, but this is pretty clearly not a woodie. I suspected that 2013 would be similar to 2008 for Kings Island and started lurking again when things got interesting in Action Zone. I just one-offed that post to try and help steer the discussion toward a more reasonable path, and will probably go back to lurking some more.
  20. It's about time some sanity returned to this thread. Firstly, a lot of the "hints" that everyone have been referencing are pretty far fetched, to say the least. The pterodactyl tweet was almost definitely in relation to Dinosaurs Alive. Cedar Fair trademarks names all of the time that never get used (Stratosoar and Whyte Lightning immediately come to mind) and given the history behind the Banshee name I wouldn't look to that as being entirely set in stone as the ride's title. I rather enjoyed Don's teasing about "Dive-____" through twitter, because it's done exactly what it was meant to do. It got you all talking about it and played with the earlier dive coaster rumors. It's not meant to be a serious hint at all. Even the actual serious hints are usually false clues, remember when Cedar Point teased "Gee, See, Eye!" before Shoot the Rapids? Or when Kings Island put up posters proclaiming "Ride Sally Ride!"? Secondly, please, for the love of Pete, stop assuming that footers have anything to do with ride manufacturers. Diamondback uses square footers for its station and transfer track, but round ones for the rest of the ride. But Millennium Force also uses round footers for most of its ride segments. And Batman The Ride, another B&M at SFOT uses square footers for all its supports. Triangular footers are used when three supports hit the ground in a close location, not because B&M or Intamin in particular like them. The footers go according to whatever is needed from an engineering standpoint. I'd wager that manufacturers have very little say in the footer shape compared to the track shape. Which brings me to the supposed Intamin track on I-71 South. I'd first like to say that this kind of sighting happens constantly. Cincinnati has I-71 and I-75 going through it, which are two major routes for transportation in the region. Sightings of track/supports going by occur constantly. Even if it is track going towards a park for its final destination (which is not certain anyway), why does it have to be for Kings Island? There are plenty of parks that can be accessed by at some point using I-71. Besides, it would be rather peculiar for track to begin arriving at Kings Island right now anyway. Diamondback construction started much earlier than this project has, and red B&M track did not begin appearing until late July. Gatekeeper's track also arrived well after initial construction began, and its construction began much later than this. Right now, this coaster (I think it's fairly safe to say it is one) is fairly early in development, delivering track now would be quite useless. That's just my thoughts on all this nonsense. At this point, the best thing we can do is wait and watch. Don't expect anything substantial until well into the summer, as it goes with most coasters.
  21. From a lurker standpoint, this has been thoroughly entertaining. Topics like this almost make me wish I hadn't stopped posting. Almost.
  22. There's really not much to see of Flight of Fear with the lights on. The building is dusty and the floor is littered with junk. You can see the cranes that installed the ride. It's much better with the lights off, because it heightens the sense of speed and puts the ride in its proper atmosphere.
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