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  1. TBDBNTL? It's TBDBITL. THE BEST darn BAND IN THE LAND! Get it right or pay the price!
  2. Jeff is in the coaster at the beginning, second seat left side.
  3. Yea, you can just wait for the next day when the park is open to everyone...
  4. It would not be worth turning around a PTC woodcoaster train just for FearFest. It wouldn't be worth modifying the trains. But then again you never know...
  5. I'm pretty sure he didnt get into the train. And besides he was probably harnessed to the ride to get up that high.
  6. My favorite ride at PKI would probably be a toss up between Delirium and Drop Zone. With Drop Zone taking the marbles right now, I love free fall rides. Slingshot and Skyflyer would be up there if they count and of course Beast. Vortex is one of my least favorite.
  7. Wow, their pictures are right up on the ride, they are a lot better than the pics we are getting. Not saying that I they are bad pictures, but these pictures are giving me a real feel for the ride.
  8. I've worked at Monster for two years and never experienced a thing that I couldn't explain. I would count that rumor as BS.
  9. It would be really nice to see some aerial shots of the progress they are making. Gabriel, you got anything for us soon?
  10. RMBryan

    Top Gun

    I'd really like to see them put a TTD clone where Top Gun is...lol
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