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  1. Oh, true, I didn't think of that. KD opened on april 4th this year,I was there on opening day.
  2. No. They still haven't done enough. Why does Wicked Twister have almost 150,000 less riders than Corkscrew? Lets compare the stats... Year Opened, Top Speed, Height Corkscrew - 1976, 48 mph, 85 ft Wicked Twister - 2002, 72 mph, 215 ft You are going to say that Corkscrew has better capacity and can run more trains as well as a 4 inch less height requirement. True. But there is no excuse for a 33 year old ride to be beating a 7 year old one. So... There must be some other reason for the lack of riders because Wicked Twister has Corkscrew beaten in just about everything (except ridership). Consider the midways... Wicked Twister Midway - WT, DT, Troika, Maxair, Chaos TTD Midway - TTD, Corkscrew, Magnum, PT, WW, Gemini Clearly the WT midway is the dead midway of CP. Why else would a 33 year old ride beat a 7 year old hypercoaster? I do agree that CP has done alot to try and renew it but is it enough? I think this year is the make or break year. The novelty has worn off of Maxair and we can't truly settle this until we get the numbers. And troika isn't a popular ride? I don't know about CP but KD's troika always has a considerable wait time while the park's stand up shockwave(right behind troika) barely has a line extending out of the station these days compared to the lines going all the way down to the carousel in years past. Besides corckscrew is a nostalgic ride so many people flock to it,that & it's not as intense as a 215 ft. tall shuttle coaster so it appeals to more age groups.CP will find a suitable replacement for chaos when they're ready for it.....they probably anylize the patterns of guest traffic throughout the park & factor it into their decision making process when planning for new rides & attractions.
  3. All of the SF parks removed their chaos rides a couple years ago...IIRC due to a design flaw discovered in the restraint locking system,funny thing is the last time I rode SFA's chaos before it was removed the restraint didn't feel properly locked to me so good thing we were able to keep the flips to a minimum during the cycle.
  4. The latest updates from KD seem to show that footers are being poured.
  5. Don't the rules specifically state that linejumpers will be removed from the park without a refund,not simply ejected from the ride in question or sent to the back of the line?It seems to me like many of the parks in the US simply aren't following through with enforcement of their own rules & simply use that as a scare tactic in the hopes that it will keep guests in check. What's the point of having this rule if it's not being properly enforced?
  6. One thing needs to be taken into account here & that is the limits of bio-engineering....while we can always find a way to increase the structural engineering of a coaster by re-enforcing the track with a larger spine we cannot change the limits of the human body. Just look at the forces exerted on riders on KK as an example,that 128 mph launch has really got to do a number on one's body that it simply wasn't designed by nature to withstand so I don't really see a need...let alone advantage for coasters to get much faster than that.
  7. I recall KD's model,skypilot always having the canopies on the pods.The ride always had a line but obviously was removed in 95 & scrambler was put in it's place....I only rode it once back in 90 but after that first ride didn't go on it again. Anyone else recall having to hold down the harness & lap bar before they were locked by the ops?It was hard to do with one hand on the harness & the other on the bar as they were spring loaded(or at least felt like it) & would try to come back up.
  8. If the track is the same as the ride being built at ferrari world then all we have to do is figure out the manufacturer....RCDB should have that information & then the problem is solved.
  9. Simple:It's because KI just got a $22 million B&M hyper while carowinds got a used boomerang.
  10. It depends on wether or not the coaster is a production model,or custom designed layout that makes use of the terrain....for instance an SLC can be placed just about anywhere so long as the terrain is flat while a coaster like BBW for example cannot be relocated because the design was created to make use of the terrain that it currently sits on. Now it is possible that the wrong shipment was delivered.Seeing as neither you or I work at the park in the management or shiping/recieving departments it's impossible to know with 100% certainty but there could've been a defect with one of the supports that required them to be returned.I seem to recall that back in 02/03 SFMM sent back a section of Scream!'s track during the ride's construction to the Ohio plant due to a defect in manufacturing that required a replacement segment to be produced & shipped to the park so the same thing might've happened at KD.
  11. How can steel supports be damaged simply by being left flat on the ground during a thunderstorm when these supports will have to weather many such storms once they're finally put into place during construction? I don't believe that the park is trying to hide the coaster parts from public view either since they'd been sitting there for over a week before suddenly being removed.....that coupled with all the site work going on.I'm sure that in that one week's worth of time & the thousands of guests that have been through the lot,and on the ET that most of them would've figured out that something is up at the park. Now it is possible that KD & CF may have cancelled plans to install this ride at the park & may ship it off to one of the other parks in the chain....another possibility is that intamin could've mistakenly sent the wrong coaster type to the park,let's not forget that they have alot of other customers worldwide whom they do business with & it's possible that the coaster type that the park ordered was not the one they recieved parts for.
  12. I call baloney. Kings Dominion does not have that substantial a weather difference with Kings Island. Unlike the mid-west KD's winter climate in central Va. is generally MUCH more forgiving for construction purposes.
  13. So do lots of people, but there has not been another coaster like it, not even at previously competing parks such as (insert Six Flags park here), let alone one of their other parks. Ohh, well, the ride opp said so, so it must be true. It just gets back to the ole' lemon chill guy. HA. The Guest Relations Manager most likely knows, unless this is one of the most secretive projects in industry history, which I doubt. In fact, most park employees know or will know at one point. They are contracted to secrecy however, and can not say such things. I bet you he was just messing with you. If this is a smaller scale ride then why all the site preps & track/support deliveries this early?KD doesn't typically take delivery of coaster components in early june....nor have they ever started site clearing this early in the season.It's probably gonna be a giga & that means that CP will no longer be the only park with that type of ride in the US....not like they even care since the park has installed a bigger ride in the years since then & besides CF is impressed with KD's performance so that's another reason why a large investment like this makes sense for the park.
  14. Does the General Public care that Kings Dominion has the most launch coasters? Or would they? Just a question. I don't see very many people around saying "KI has the most wooden track! Isn't that cool?!" They might, but I don't see it happening. Why does that matter, and whats wrong with doing something new? Nothing, I'm just looking at the history of it. There could be a new Intamin, it could very well be one. I was just saying that if we were going by history, I would doubt it. B&M Doesn't Refuse to build over 230 feet. Also, if your looking at steep lifts and drops, look at Diamondback. This ride will probably use a cable lift system,which so far only intamin uses.
  15. With the FH capacity they really do need restrooms back there. I always like to go before getting into that queue, but it takes some planning ahead to remember to do so before you get to X-base, or take the hike if already back there. Maybe they can add a restroom with the contingency money for this "rumored" new ride. LOL!!! Why is it that when they build a vekoma flyer they make ABSOLUTELY certain to place it so far off the beaten path that you have to hike more than a mile to get to the nearest restroom? Once after riding batwing my friend had to go REALLY BAD seeing as we'd been in the line for a good 2 hours & several breakdowns before we finally got on & he had to hike all the way back up by JJ just to "take care" of business.He could barely walk that far because his muscles were actually sore from having to hold it that long. As for adding new rides back there I think a flat that fits the theme(like CF really themes their rides) would go nicely back there along with some shops or something....remember not everyone comes to the park to ride just the coasters so adding a flat would give people who won't ride the two coasters there a reason to patronize that area of the park.
  16. This will most likely be a giga,which explains why they went with intamin & not B&M for this project since B&M refuses to build above 230 ft.It does make sense seeing as the last two hypers CF built were both B&M's....I recall seeing some info in the zoning board documents stating that the exit ramp will be over water so the ride's station & lift may very well be located in that thin strip of cleared land next to anaconda's lift with the rest of the layout going on the other side of the trees next to the road. Adding a giga makes sense because a steep lift can be placed in that limited amount of space(ala MF) with the first drop easily fitting into the remaining space withough habing to clear additional land.
  17. Some of the columns are rather large in diameter so this probably won't be a launcher & a maverick clone is probably out of the question due to the capacity per train being so low so I'm still sticking with a mega/hyper for now.
  18. Anyone got any pics of the track? LCG & KDG posted some pics of more supports being offloaded in the truck stop across the street from the park & the close up in the lot showing the supports already on site shows some pretty massive columns.Another thing I noticed is the size of the fenced off section of the lot....looks like they'll be recieving a lot of parts before this thing goes up.
  19. Very true but once we spot track then there'll be no doubt about the manufacturer of this ride.
  20. I think the supports look totally different. The first link shows round supports, the second link shows square supports. The square supports have octagonal bases. The round supports have some round bases, and some octagonal bases. Can someone explain this to me? Some of the supports look very similar to those on DB's lift at the base.
  21. You wouldn't be able to see much of anything from ET so your best bet would be to try looking from the FOF midway.
  22. While the catch car does crest the lift it does have an eventual stopping point where the track becomes solid so I would make a safe bet that there may have been some damage to the track when the catch car slammed into it & who knows? that whole section of track may need to be replaced as a result. It wouldn't suprise me if the ride ends up being down for a good portion of,if not the entire season.
  23. When I rode space surfer on opening day that thing scared the mess out of me as I wasn't expecting to go that high on a family oriented ride.
  24. Latest updates out of KD are that surveyors were recently spotted marking off lines with spray paint in the field behind anaconda.....looks like something's definitely going on back there.
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