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  1. catzdrummer09

    Son of Beast roller coaster to be removed

    As sad as I am to see this ride go the possibilities it opens up are incredible. A few pages back someone posted about a new record breaking woodie to replace the loss. With what's going on out at Silver Dollar City right now, I can't WAIT to see what happens!
  2. catzdrummer09

    Cedar Fair Season Passes

    I wasn't sure exactly where to put this so here is where it landed. Anyway, I'm a little perplexed. I'm going to Kings Dominion tomorrow for the first time and am super excited. I called both Kings Island and Kings Dominion about 3 weeks ago asking if I could upgrade my KI gold pass to a platinum at KD. Both parks said yes, they will just need to verify that I am a pass holder. I called yesterday, already at Virginia beach mind you, KD told me it had to be done at my home park and KI is maintaining that it is still possible to upgrade here. Anyone have any input on this? Also, is the easy pay plan offered in the parks or no?
  3. catzdrummer09

    For those of us who visit CP check this out

    Oh, gotcha! I didn't think of it that way. I guess with the Disaster Transport discussion I just got hung up on that. My apologizes, Carry on.
  4. catzdrummer09

    For those of us who visit CP check this out

    You sort of just contradicted yourself. As you just said, this is likely not a Ouimet plan. Also, this has been rumored for quite some time. I am thrilled to see this plan come to fruition. If Ouimet did get involved, I'm really hoping there was some theming added to this like KIBOB said above. I'm over the Cedar Fair Buy it, build it, profit deal.
  5. So, I'm taking my girlfriend to Virginia Beach/Kings Dominion from 6/11 to 6/15 as an Ohio University graduation gift. We will be there all day on the 14th, which is a Thursday so I'm hoping the crowds will be light. Does anyone have any recommendations/advice on the best way to enjoy the park? Neither of us have been. Also, what would be a decent hotel on the cheap in the area?
  6. catzdrummer09

    Way to start the day.

    Alright, I about to leave and make the 2 hour drive...I'm beginning to think this isn't worth it.
  7. catzdrummer09

    Windseeker & Coney Mall Construction Continues

    Vertical Construction is starting right now. They're moving the first piece into place!
  8. catzdrummer09

    Something big announced 3-18-11?

    Guys, I've been reading through the last couple of pages and it seems like some of you are forgetting about some things. The first being that Don said that whatever this new attraction is will be set in a "Fantastic outdoor setting". Not to mention the fact that the planning area we see is clearly outdoors and trees are apparently being marked. This, to me, says they're not promoting an Action Theater Revamp. Also, the above facts also seem to indicate that this has nothing to do with SOB. And the other thing is the speculation involving dinosaurs. It clearly involves dinosaurs, or at least something from Prehistoria. If you look in the right side of the mud on the homepage banner, you will see the scales that stick up and run down the back and tail of a dinosaur. They're upside down but they're there. Just my two cents
  9. catzdrummer09

    Something big announced 3-18-11?

    And if you look in the right side of the animated banner on the page there are dinosaur scales like ones you would see down the tail.
  10. catzdrummer09

    Something big announced 3-18-11?

    Hey, I don't know whether or not it's been reposted again as I didn't take the time to review the last few pages. But the banner is up again. IGNORE THIS POST! kthx.
  11. catzdrummer09

    Delirium Skipping

    ...I've never noticed it... hmmm.
  12. catzdrummer09

    New for 2011 Windseeker!

    Kaman's is the art shoppe that supplies the caricature artists and photographers at Kings Island. They were probably talking about moving a stand back there...
  13. catzdrummer09

    Halloween Haunt to Feature Half-Pint Brawlers

    ^ I just looked for the "like" button on this... Too much time of Facebook.
  14. catzdrummer09

    New for 2011 Windseeker!

    So. I just noticed this. If you go to the WindSeeker page and look in the photo gallery... The third picture sort of shows it's location. If the photos are correct, which I assume they are, it will be sitting next to The Racer and Eurobobbles as opposed to where it's positioned on the map.
  15. catzdrummer09

    Cedar Point 2010

    Unfortunately, the one across from Breakers Express. I almost climbed across the counter after the cashier that was too busy chatting up some guy about a text message she sent him....