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  1. AZ Kinda Guy, you are the amusement park guru! Great pictures! I'm thinking about going to HW next summer, but I have never been. It looks pretty cool.
  2. That is the platform behind the baseball game? Well, I guess that will do! Ive never done recaR during the daytime. But that looks just right for fliers. Thanks for clairifying that dane!
  3. That's what I thought. That they would move to the Flight Commander platform. But I talked to some ACEr during the Fall Freak Out who said he did not think that they would put them there. But the whole thing is a rumor. Nobody knows for sure. Would the fliers fit on the old Flight Commander platform? It doesn't quite look big enough. But then again, I didn't actually climb up there and look. It would be cool to put them there because the platform itself is elevated, so when the cars were in full swing, you would be pretty high. Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Why, thank you! Those Bush banners, as well as other things to help our president get re-elected can be found at www.georgewbush.com/wstuff. But yes, any flat ride would be great (especially a Jump2). But keep in mind, they need somewhere to relocate the scooters! It'd be a shame to see them removed!
  5. Who's up for a Huss Jump2? Then PKI would be the first park to have all of the non-water rides in the Huss Giant Rides category! A S&S Power Sky Swat would be cool too, but there's no way it would fit in that spot.
  6. I haven't ever noticed that. But then again, I have done AE 10 times, and except for during the mid-course lift, I never noticed seeing SOB. I didn't notice just how close TopGun got to SOB until my fourth ride on it (the first time I actually sat in the very first seat). Its kind of hard to see when everything is flying by that quickly, but I will keep an eye out for it next time. Is it between SOB and Gun or SOB and FOF, behind AE? And why would they hold on to King Cobra? I thought they dismatled it and used it for scrap parts for other stand-ups at Paramount Parks.
  7. Is it just once around the park? Its 5K isnt it?
  8. I went both days. It was pretty cool. I didn't do any fearfest attractions, just regular rides. But it was fun. The guys walking around in coney mall were pretty cool. It was funny to see them keep scaring the girls by running up to them and sliding on their knees. The theming is great in coney maul.
  9. Well obviously Kingda Ka has set the new record. But TTD was still the first. And I know Cedar Point - they will not allow somebody else to hold on to the record for long. Expect a record breaker in 2006 or 2007. I guess they could get one for 2005, but I highly doubt it - we would have heard something by now. How high can they go? FearFest tomorrow!
  10. They better not get rid of it! I would be very upset if they did. It wouldn't keep me out of the park, but I would be ****ED!
  11. Of course there can be no constant launch speed. If you had a few people like myself on it, it would launch slower. If the train is empty, it will launch faster. The velocity of the train is dependent not only on the power of the LIM, but the mass of the train, the center of gravity of the train (both of which are never the same from ride to ride), the air pressure, the position of the moon - many factors affect the launch. But I am sure the average is 54. They have no reason for saying its more than it is. That would be like saying the speed limit on 275 is 75, but really its 65, we're just going to call it 75. It would'nt make sense.
  12. At first I thought the idea of a TTD clone would be a waste of money, considering there are many other things Six Flags could do with the money. But the coaster is just a part of a huge new area. Looking at the grand scheme of things, I think it is a good idea. It gives the New York area a really good state of the art coaster, as well as this animal park. I think the theming will be great. And Kingda Ka is way better than MaxMaxxMaxxx.
  13. Here is the press release. The coaster will be 456 feet tall! The RCDB has been updated with the specifics, and there are even photos of track pieces. It looks like construction has begun. It is basically a clone of TTD, but with a HUGE airtime hill after the tophat and drop. Enjoy! JACKSON, N.J. – Six Flags Great AdventureGreat Adventure will launch the tallest and fastest roller coaster on earth, the keystone of a new, mythical jungle kingdom, which will also feature an elaborate children's area and massive tiger exhibit for the 2005 season. "The announcement today represents the largest expansion in the 30-year history of Six Flags Great AdventureGreat Adventure," Kieran Burke, Six Flags, Inc. CEO, explained. "Six Flags Great AdventureGreat Adventure is already the world's largest regional theme park, and this record-breaking new capital marks the first step in transforming this park into a true family destination." The new roller coaster will shatter all existing world records for speed and height by legendary proportions. Truly the "King of Coasters," Kingda Ka will rocket riders horizontally from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds before vertically catapulting them a mind-blowing 456 feet (45 stories) into the sky at a 90-degree angle. After a brief moment in the clouds, riders descend 418 feet (41 stories) back down to earth in a 270-degree spiral, only to experience another breathtaking moment of weightlessness as they soar over a 129-foot-tall hill (nearly 13 stories) and then glide back into the station. "The addition of Kingda Ka, the tallest and fastest roller coaster on earth, brings our already spectacular coaster arsenal up to 14," said Six Flags Great AdventureGreat Adventure's vice president and general manager, Rick McCurley. "There is no doubt that this will be the top stop for thrill seekers worldwide." Kingda Ka will be the cornerstone of a new 11-acre, mythical jungle domain called The Golden Kingdom. The Golden Kingdom will also feature Balin's Jungle Land, an elaborate, new children's area; Temple of the Tiger, a massive, new educational tiger exhibit; plus three new shops and four new eateries. With one of the largest play structures of its kind in the world, Balin's Jungle Land will rank as the most eye-popping, must-do addition for children. The new themed section will feature five themed rides that enable kids to soar, twist, swing and cruise. The giant new play structure will include five interactive, multileveled structures towering nearly three stories. The three dry structures and two wet structures will offer 30 different platform levels with cargo nets, bridges and slides, spray guns, tipping buckets and a "jumping" fountain where kids can splash and play. In The Golden Kingdom, park guests can enjoy a fascinating encounter with awesome Bengal tigers. The more than 33,000 square-foot Temple of the Tiger exhibit, one of only three exhibits of its kind worldwide, will feature massive Bengal tigers, Balin, Faruk, Hara and Chandi, displaying natural animal behaviors – jumping, wrestling, pouncing and playing. Highly skilled, hands-on trainers will interact with both the audience and the young adult tigers, sharing interesting facts and even swimming with the breathtaking cats. Temple of the Tiger will also feature extremely rare "golden" tiger cubs, named for their white coat and remarkable gold stripes. Between programs, trainers will interact with the Bengal tigers in their specially designed habitat. The state-of-the-art, 1,000-seat venue will be specifically designed for these new animals. Throughout The Golden Kingdom, guests can also encounter a variety of exotic animals and their handlers. Visitors will find cockatoos and macaws, coati mundi, porcupine, a rainbow boa constrictor, albino python, kinkajou and capuchin monkey. "The Golden Kingdom will offer something for everyone, from the littlest guests to the ultimate thrill seekers," McCurley concluded. "This exotic kingdom is just the kind of superlative offering our guests have come to expect from Six Flags Great AdventureGreat Adventure." Kingda Ka and the entire Golden Kingdom are slated for a spring 2005 opening. Six Flags Great AdventureGreat Adventure theme park, Six Flags Wild Safari animal park, and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park are located in Jackson, N.J. The parks comprise America's largest regional family entertainment complex. The combined 2,200-acre facility, located midway between Philadelphia and New York City, is part of Six Flags, Inc. Six Flags, Inc. is the world's largest regional theme park company. Through its subsidiaries, it owns and operates a total of 31 parks in North America and Europe. Six Flags parks serve 34 of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Six Flags, Inc. is a publicly held corporation with corporate offices in New York City and Oklahoma City. The Company's stock trades on the NYSE under the symbol: PKS.
  14. Sorry to resurrect an ANCIENT thread, but I had a question on this. Do all of the rides have restrictions like this? I have rode Racer twice, and I can only get the restraint to click once. I dont know exactly how many clicks I get on Vortex, Top Gun or Adventure Express. I can pull all of those down quite a bit. I haven't tried Delirium yet. But is the rule two clicks on most rides? I guess I better stay off Racer till next season, when Ive lost some weight, so I dont cause any problems. Im pretty big, but I do plan on losing weight.
  15. That sounds really cool. How did you do it? Did you hack it, or did you actually build it out of coaster track fragments. I know there is an object/ride creator for RCT2, but there isnt for RCT1. But that sounds awesome. Were you able to make the whole park?
  16. If you go to RCTtown.com, they have lots of stuff there for RCT fans. But their Vortex SUCKS! I made my own, and it is pretty accurate, although some of the proportions are off because of the way RCT1 works. The corkscrew should go through the loops diagonally, but it won't let you do that. So its a little off. But its WAY better than the one on rcttown if anybody wants me to email them a copy of it. I tried to make a PKI once, but for one, the 126x126 grid is nowhere big enough. For two, there are no games on RCT1, just restaurants. And finally, I have yet to ride FOF, and I had no idea how to construct it. Hopefully, Ill get to ride it in the next few weeks, so I will be able to build it too. But Racer/recaR is almost the full length of the map. And there definately isn't room to build Congo Falls, TopGun, SOB, AE, then Racer. It simply won't fit. And PKI is even longer in the other direction. I know RCT2 has a much bigger playing field, and I am sure that RCT will allow you do that as well. Like I said, my PC won't even run RCT2, let alone RCT3 - and none will work on a Mac. But if I get a new PC next summer, it will be the first thing I buy for it! Let me know if you want any of my parks or rides. I have a few cool ones. They are all RCT1.
  17. I don't remember a clicking noise. Maybe thats because I put mine down before they engage the locking mechanisms. But I always lower it so its comfortable, then sit there and wait for the ride to begin. And when I lower it, it comes down nice and smooth - I dont feel any clicks, or hear them for that matter. I never notice the sound it makes though when they lower one after the gates have closed though. Maybe thats when it makes the noise. Cause I always hop on and lower it right away - while the gates are still open. I do know top gun does it though. You can't pull it down until the gates close. And then when you do, you can hear and feel the clicks. I'll pay extra attention on Saturday and see if I can hear it. Ill wait to pull down my OTSR until after the gates close and see if it does it. But I know for sure that it doesn't do it if you pull it down before the gates close.
  18. Great pictures! Must be nice to just pack up and go across the country to another theme park on a spur of the moment! I'd like to try a few of the other theme parks around here next summer. Definately planning on CP. Bet you had fun!
  19. The measuring and timing thing wouldn't work. For one, its pitch black, and there is no way you could measure anything. For two, timing would only give you an average speed, and what we are interested in the launch speed. Once the train leaves the station, it begins to lose kinetic energy from air resistance and friction from the track. And another thing - isn't this thread supposed to be about IJST, not FOF. We were wondering what the launches on IJST would be.
  20. I think that would be awesome. But considering that PKI and PCW are getting IJST this year, if SkyCaptain is made into a coaster, they'll probably give it to PCar and PGA. Although I think it would be awesome if we got it! We could use a really awesome coaster, especially an B&M. It doesn't look like IJST is going to be all that spectacular. But you know PGA will probably get it, since PCW and PKI got IJST, and PCar got Borg Assimilator. So PGA is due for one. I'm still peeved that we did'nt get assimilator.
  21. I just had a question about FearFest. I am not really into Halloween and stuff, so I was wondering if it is possible to just go and enjoy the rides without all the Halloween stuff. I am not really planning on going in the mazes and all that stuff - just roller coasters. Are people in werewolf costumes going to grab me while I'm in line for The Vortex? I'm not one of those anti-halloween religious people, I just think its a kids holiday, and its corny. I was just wondering if the Halloween theming is going to be so overwhelming that the rides themselves are lost.
  22. I thought it was really interesting to see some of the rides that are still there. Of course the Eiffel Tower was there in the ep, and is still there. But Wild Thornberries (KMLF at the time the ep was filmed), Scrambler (different theming now), Monster, Racer, Larosas Pizza Rivertown, Grand Carousel were the ones I noticed. Does anybody know what year that ep was filmed?
  23. I know, but the graphics aren't good enough to tell what is going on. The mechanic just stops and wiggles for a second. You can't tell what he is doing. I am just saying that RCT3 is way better with these minor details. Most of the time I play RCT these days, I just use trainers to give me all rides and lots of money, and I build a park from scratch, then open it to the public. I know, that's cheating, but I got tired of the normal game. But it's still my favorite game.
  24. I am a RCT (roller coaster tycoon) addict. My avatar is from RCT. I have RCT1. It is running on a PCPC (piece of crap PC). Unfortunately, it is not strong enough to run RCT2 or RCT3. Yes, RCT3 looks awesome. It is completely 3D, and it will even let you ride your coaster creations through your own parks! Plus the Sims on it are way cooler. You can actually walk around the park as guest, and you can see people of all shapes and sizes. And they have interesting facial expressions. I saw a screenshot of a mechanic answering a radio call, and on the old game, he just said "Answering Radio Call" on his status screen. But in this game, you see him stop, and pull out the walkie talkie, and actually answer it! RCT3 might just be worth upgrading, or buying a new PC. But I can't for a while as I just purchased a new Macintosh (although I love RCT, it wasn't a good enough reason to buy a PC over a Mac), and I don't have the money for a PC. But maybe by next summer I will!
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