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  1. I think its supposed to be pretty nice, but I think without haunt, the crowds will be less too. But I'm sure any Sunday will be better than a Haunt Saturday.
  2. Okay, thank you. That's what I thought but I wasn't sure. I'm taking some friends that were there for their first time yesterday and they were very disappointed that they didn't get to ride very much. I wanted to take them back to ride more rides but I didn't want a repeat.
  3. I was planning a trip to Kings Island for closing day this year but am afraid of running into crowds with Fast Lane passes. I was at the park last night and only got to ride 5 rides in the time i was there. Usually I thought Sundays and especially the last day, that the park was relativity empty. So if I were too attend the park Sunday what kind of crowds should I expect?
  4. I for one am really happy with this, slides would have been nice, but not all at once, they could have added a ton of slides and new attractions instead of a wavepool, but where does everyone go after they get off the new rides? Most go to the wavepool, so I think it was 100% worth it. Honestly i think this sets "Soak City" up perfectly, if they add a slide or two or a different attraction every couple years I think we could have a great water park, especially now that there's a good base with plenty of wavepool space and hopefully enough seats in the lounge area. Now for the separate tickets, I wouldn't mind, so long as I have the option of buying a pass to get into both parks (besides a platinum pass).
  5. On a topic not about Sob, there is a similar fire hydrant behind the Eiffel Tower by the BLSC. Just saying.
  6. They won't wait that long, it almost has to be soon while they've got attention and "hype" about it, once they lose that less people will even check for an announcement, let alone get excited about what it is.
  7. I'm almost positive that we'll get something next year, that doesn't mean its a roller coaster or even a new ride, maybe they will redo an area, or put in a museum for the parks history (we have gone a long ways in just 40 years), or maybe we'll get a giant present that has a happy birthday sign inside, but Kings Island needs something to keep people going even if its something cheap that will only last a few years, it will draw people to the park.
  8. I think the wheels are your culprit, I rode Apollo's Chariot earlier this summer and there were few if any of these vibrations. Also these vibrations seem to come and go and the only real change is the wheels. Although it could possibly have to do with the weather conditions.
  9. In my opinion this is either the first B&M fourth dimension coaster, or B&M finally broke down and is building a giga coaster. All the clues are pointing at one of them. And B&M changing their mind is possible, they're capable of doing it and with technology advancing I have a strong feeling that more gigas are going to show up very fast. I can only imagine that B&M wants in on that profit. Although I must admit, it would be kind of weird seeing big bulky box track 300ft. in the air, let alone with a big mega coaster train on it, but we'll see
  10. For some reason all the clues are adding up to be the first B&M giga coaster. But I just don't see it happening, I mean I'd doubt that B&M would ever built a giga coaster, and i couldn't understand why Canada's Wonderland would build one right after Behemoth.
  11. To me this doesn't look like an Intamin giga coaster, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Intamin use long rectangular footers rather that big round ones? There also seems to be a lot of footers in the area of Dragon Fire rather than the three for I305s lift.
  12. I really like your second Idea about Outer Hanks TylerRider. Maybe like a 3 man band, nothing too much but could add a very nice touch. Maybe they could be kind of like the German band at Busch Gardens Europe just to bring back Octoberfests theme
  13. If you could add a midway to Kings Island what would it be? Where would you put it? How would you theme it? Or would you rather re-do an old area? I briefly searched this and couldn't find a topic for it, forgive me if there is.
  14. In my opinion Kings Island needs to bring more of the older KI back, or at least the concept, such as making Octoberfest German again and maybe putting some more spinning rides in, bringing more of the European feel back to International street. As for Flight Deck I think anything to spruce it up a bit could help (Such as the much needed paint that it finally got), i think many more guests could enjoy it if it wasn't so overlooked. It would be a shame to see that ride get removed due to the lack of attendance just because nobody could find it, especially being that it is one of only 5 still operating.
  15. I would very much so like to see Flight Deck fixed up, like bringing the mist back, maybe painting the station platform like an aircraft carriers deck, and cleaning up under the track a bit would help a lot. Also if they could do something to make the ride more known, its kind of pushed in the corner were non-locals can't see it and it really gets overlooked.
  16. i think we could see a GCI or Gravity group, they cost probably about the same amount as a fix for Sob and they actually work. we could use a new wooden ride anyway
  17. if that turns out to be true, i will literally soil myself
  18. DK might not even be related to the ride, this shipping container has obviously been used several times before, some other company half way around the world could have wrote that for all we know
  19. Well, B&M does not make any new stand up coasters. Which stinks because they are really fun. No! B&M still sell stand up coaster it just no park has bought one in a while. i believe its due to the lack of capacity, look what happened to Mantis, i believe its the most under rated ride at CP
  20. true but that would take up some valuable time if it is to open in 2011, also it has to be done before the park opens or The Racer will have to be shut down during the season
  21. How long did it take to install Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular? Which, for the record, was far more than just stringing some lights up on trees. Foundations had to be poured for props, ground had to be dug for wiring, fencing had to be removed and more. The majority of which was done between the park's opening day and the attraction's opening day. If this teaser is for anything comparable in size or scope, a 2011 opening is definitely possible and plausible. Edit- Also, keep in mind that whatever this 2011 Teaser may be, it does not necessarily need to open on April 30. It could open Memorial Day Weekend, for example. That adds another month of time to work and construct it. Snoopys Starlight Spectacualar did not require any land clearing, the installation of storm drains, any excavation work, or any of the other things that will need to be done before anything at all can be built in the area behind The Racer. Trust me, if you just cut down a few trees and build something without doing that work, the first time there's a thunderstorm, whatever you built will be washed away or standing in about 6 inches of water. --Beatle, who did similar work for several summers during high school and college . not to mention that it seems that The Racers supports will have to be modded to get to the new attraction
  22. honestly i think the teaser is mostly a spoof. throughout the video it looks to me like he's talking about the different major thrills at kings island, and not until the end does it look like he's talking about a new ride or attraction
  23. i thought that place was on the other side of the rose bowl, kinda more behind Firehawk, idk ive been wrong before, but at any rate this is not the first time the ground has been torn up back there
  24. yes ur right but with it being way over there away from public limits the things they will build, especially limits the things they will build that i will actually care about
  25. if it doesn't have to do with SOB then what? another green house? theres no easy way for public to get back there so i dont know what they could build
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