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  1. I say MF's drop > all (really long 80-deg drop). Maverick's/Fahrenheit's drops are great also. Nothing special about a short vertical drop (90-deg) or a long 60-deg drop - IMO, they're just good for visual or engineering appeal. It's the airtime hills and inversions that follow those that make the ride great. In short, neither. 2ยข.
  2. I don't even see why anyone would even be considering that this is true. What's the point in this thread?
  3. Could this be true? Right. I'm sure with the AMAZING grammar that was used in the above paragraph this HAS to be true. Why would I doubt a random person's veracity?
  4. MF is a great ride (and at the top of my favorite coasters at CP), but it tends to hardly have any force after the first hill. After the first hill, the ride has pretty much no airtime or high positive g's and little lateral g's from the banked curves. It is amazingly fast and smooth and the first hill is breathtaking, but afterwards it is just a fast ride with little forces compared to other rides. However, it keeps up tons of speed and has stayed relatively smooth since it opened.
  5. I have a question: If I purchased a CP Platinum Pass, will I be able to use the voucher just to get into Kings Island if CP Processing has not yet begun? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I will be getting a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass this coming season, as I live pretty close to Cedar Point. I have been on most of the rides there, and I love the park. Because I can get free access to Kings Island with my pass, I will probably go there one or two times next season. Although I'm sure there are a few topics about this already, I can't find any, as the search feature isn't really that great. However, could someone please tell me/give me links of what to expect if I go to KI this summer. What rides _must_ I go on (Diamondback looks great, but that's all I've seen.) What do I need to do? What is my best way to go around the park if I want to get all important rides in? If this is in the wrong section, by all means please move it. Thanks!
  7. How long should the lines be for ERT? New passholder here...
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