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  1. If The Crypt was re themed to Uncharted, what would happen in the ride? Would you hear a bunch of gun shots then "WE FOUND THE TREASURE!" Don't get me wrong, Uncharted is a great game but I'm not sure a giant spin ride could be themed to it.
  2. My friend is being stupid, and he promises me he just found a website that says the new ride is a Mini Intamin Giga thats blue. He won't give me the website because I could "get in trouble".
  3. 100 feet taller? Jeez, might as well just build a replica of TTD.
  4. The Skyline is going to be on the Eiffel Tower top observation deck. It will spin around slowly as you eat. Walk outside, and you'll be able to ride Dangle, a ride that dangles you 20 feet off the deck of the tower. Look out below! Here comes the chili!
  5. If it is a Wind Seeker, I would close my eyes the whole way through. The fact of you sitting in a chair, being swung outwards up to 300 feet high, just makes me faint. I can handle roller coasters, but for some reason flat rides that are tall freak me out. I close my eyes all the way to the top on Drop Tower and Delirium. I know it's probably not going to happen, but I would really like an Intamin coaster, anything would be nice. Something like Maverick or something like Milliennium Force? I don't care. I'm just not too sure about the Wind Seeker, and it doesn't seem too fun. This is all in my opinion. Anybody is allowed to argue with me.
  6. How are you guys getting hints that it's a Wind Seeker? All Don gave was it's going to be taller than Diamondback. Please tell me how that fits in with a Wind Seeker.
  7. Based on all this stuff, including KI, Canada's Wonderland, and Cedar Point, is everybody getting the same ride next year?
  8. Can someone please explain to me what a "Wind Seeker" is?
  9. I love looking at people's comments on the article. "It's probably as big as Top Thrill Dragster" and "A sky ride like at Cedar Point". Cedar Point doesn't have a sky ride that's 300 feet in the air. Or does it? O_o
  10. If Oktoberfest got rid of Sling Shot (I hate it being there. It ruins the feel of the area) and added at least one more ride, it would be great. I love the shrimp place. Is that considered in Oktoberfest?
  11. "SMALL" WOODEN COASTER (Woodies under 90ft) The Racer vs. The Raven MILLENNIUM WOODIES (Both opened in 2000, both have "dips" before first drop!) Son of Beast vs. The Legend SIGNATURE WOODIES (This one is obvious...) The Beast vs. The Voyage DROP/LAUNCH RIDE Drop Tower vs. Liberty Launch RAPIDS RIDE White Water Canyon vs. Raging Rapids LOG FLUME Race For Your Life Charlie Brown vs. Frightful Falls Log Flume Didn't ride FF, so can't vote. SHOOT-EM-UP DARK RIDES Boo Blasters vs. Gobbler Getaway KIDDIE COASTERS Great Pumpkin Coaster vs. The Howler STAFF (Overall Performance, includes friendliness and efficency) KI Staff vs. HW Staff PARK "LOOKS" (Which one looks better? As in scenery, theming, cleanliness, etc etc.) Kings Island vs. Holiday World VALUE (Get-in-price, food prices, etc etc...) Kings Island vs. Holiday World Holiday World wins 7-3. I didn't ride too much at HW when I went, so I have a low score.
  12. Yes, I went yesterday. It rained from when I got there to when it opened, so that was PERFECT timing.
  13. We only have two days until they announce it! I can't wait! And, coasterguy15, I didn't realize I just changed my profile picture to the same as yours. Whoops. Is that okay?
  14. I accidentally clicked back while posting the pictures and adding captions. So, I'm just going to post the pictures w/out captions.
  15. Hey guys. I just got back from Holiday World today. I left on Friday in the morning, and when I got to Santa Claus, I went to the Christmas store, and all the other shops in that little strip mall. Then my family went to the Lincoln Museum memorial. It was actually pretty interesting. But that's not the important part about my trip. The best part was Holiday World! Before I get to pictures, I'm going to review what I did, then review the roller coasters. We left from our hotel (Best Western Lincoln Land Inn) at about 9:00, and got to Holiday World at 9:10. I asked you guys on Thursday if I could trust the weather, and guess what? They were absolutely WRONG. It said storms all day, and there was not one raindrop all day. So, they unlocked the rope thing, and of course everybody starts running towards places. And guess what wasn't one of them? The Voyage. It was basically a walk on. A five minute wait. My dad loved it, and I loved it (review is below). My dad is old (I'm so mean) and he admits it, and said he had a really aching back after it. So, I rode it on my own right after that, and it was then a walk on. My family and I went over to Raging Rapids, since we were already hot. My little sister (age 4) rode it with us, and she had a blast. Since we were already wet, me and my dad rode Pilgrim's Plunge. He had to close his eyes going up the lift. Another great ride. The Thanksgiving section was still empty, so we rode Gobbler Getaway as a family. Now I'm just going to go to my rest of the day ride count since this is already getting long, then I'm going to review some coasters. Overall, we stayed about 8 hours, and as well went to Splashin' Safari, which, we rode two rides (No Wildebeest due to a 2 hour wait). Onto ride counts/reviews. Voyage x3 Legend x1 Raven x1 Pilgrims Plunge, Gobbler Getaway, Liberty Launch, Raging Rapids, Bakuli, Jungle Racers. Voyage - Holy...moly.....this was amazing. I will admit, I almost chickened out to go on it. I've always been afraid of airtime since I'm so skinny. But, now I love airtime. This ride is intense, it's INSANE. It's nonstop curving and turning. Every single little bump, you go out of your seat. I love the surprise drop in the middle of one of the tunnels. Much better than The Beast, and IMO, better than anything I've ever ridden. 10/10 Legend - This is another intense ride. It's fast paced, and the terrain is unforgettable, going underneath waterslides and flying against a mountainside. Yet, the roughness kind of ruined the enjoyment for me. Therefore, I give it a 6/10. Raven - Very fun ride! Once again, intense. These Holiday World rides are just so fast-paced, it's crazy. I love the view of Lake Rudolph, and the curves are great. It may only be (90?) feet tall, but it packs a punch. 8/10 Liberty Launch - Loved it. The second bounce lifts you right of your seat, and it's even better than the first. It's too short though. 7/10. Pilgrim's Plunge - This ride is so unique, with the open-air elevator. The drop gives you some good Gs, believe it or not. We got soaked, and it got us throughout the whole day, our clothes had to dry for a full 24 hours. 8/10 Raging Rapids - Difference between WWC and RR - WWC has several hills that make it go faster, but RR doesn't have that. Which WWC is a little better, but RR was very fun. The theme was very good, especially the old town. 7/10 Gobbler Getaway - I like this better than BBoBH. I love the granny in the queue line, and it's very quiet, which makes it very fun. 8/10 Pictures coming soon.
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