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  1. To me, when Don decided to leave/retire from Kings Island, I found that as a shock. My last few visits seemed a little off just because I noticed Don walking the midways at Kings Island. Other than that, to me Kings Island had a repeat success year of 2022. Just my opinion though. I thought this year was fun for Kings Island.
  2. This is old news here, but has anything been mentioned about the SOB station/wolf pack area? There was rumors during haunt that it was possibly coming down this off-season.
  3. I'm very skeptical about this merger. I don't want to see my favorite Park(Kings Island) have the Six flags name in front of it. I'm also worried that they'll mess up one of the Cedar Fair parks like they did with Geauga Lake. I doubt they'll mess up Kings Island because that's a crown jewel to Cedar Fair. One of their crown jewels anyway.
  4. Forgive me, but what does that stand for? SSBR?
  5. I know who the GM is, but who is the comm director?
  6. I wonder If he still visits Kings Island? Not trying to dig into anything here, just saying that he holds the record for most rides on racer. I hope he keeps that going.
  7. I hope he gets to be a manager of that Buc-ees. I know Don would be happy as heck to do that.
  8. ^ I didn't hear either one of those guys talk in the video.
  9. Cargo Loco is a fun little family ride. I enjoyed riding it along with getting some great photos of it with Banshee. Sol Spin has a lot of intensity for being a solo ride wheel. I feel like it pulled some Gs for sure! Overall, I love these two new rides.
  10. I wonder what happened. I know the article says that he's pursuing something else in life, but that could be a cover up too. I hope Kings Island didn't let him go.
  11. Is this area accessible to guests right now? I know by Coke Free-style it's closed.
  12. Just walk up and introduce yourselves to me when you see me.
  13. Does Kings Dominion still have their amphitheater? I feel like they did, but I don't know for sure. I know it was rumored to be leaving.
  14. Anyone going to be at Coaster stock this weekend? I'll be there! Please let me know which one of you is coming so I can meet you.
  15. Anyone know If they fixed a couple of the sprinklers in the royal fountain area? I know everyone is talking about the new Grain and Grill that just opened, but I won't be down to Kings Island until middle of May so I was curious.
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