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  1. I think this thread should be called, Is this location opened today? Lol
  2. Are they still doing one train operation for The Bat?
  3. I'm going to jokingly say that ACE broke The Beast.
  4. Has Congo falls been running so far in 2024?
  5. Anyone know if The Beast has been put back on the track yet? The Kings Island facebook page has been posting other rides but not The Beast.
  6. Someone already mentioned this, but I'll say Delirium is my favorite at Kings Island. However, last year when they introduced Cargo Loco and Sol Spin, those were huge upgrades for the flat ride department at Kings Island.
  7. ^ There needs to be a wow emoji here for that comment.
  8. Really? It's that bad down there in Georgia?
  9. When are the Six Flags unit holders supposed to vote on the merger? Everything is too quiet lately.
  10. I guess they're preparing families early.
  11. Despite no trains on the rollercoaster tracks yet, they're keeping busy still. Very cool!
  12. Just curious are they waiting till spring to paint the flying aerial chase roller coaster? I figured it would be green by now.
  13. Yes I love this design myself. Sounds like everyone worked as a team to bring this to life. As a Computer Graphic Design graduate, I love the way this looks from that perspective too! I have to agree with what robintodd said above me!
  14. ^ I just wonder with the merger of Six Flags/Cedar Fair, if this speeds things up for CGA with closing the park down? I'm sure once they decide to shut that park down, there will be rides going to different parks across the chain.
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