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  1. I still can't comprehend how he thought he'd be able to accurately locate where his keys fell. That ride is disorienting enough (to even locate on what portion of the track you'd be). But beyond that, you're going so fast that even if you knew the general area, who knows where they would have landed. Obviously the guys wasn't thinking-but it's asinine to think you'd be able to quickly locate them.
  2. Would prefer any theme to be NOT linked to specific media franchises. Sure the ship has sailed, but I've always pulled for re-upping the German theme of that area and have AZ have a black forest theme.
  3. That is a very broad statement. While it's clear you are very much against alcohol, I wouldn't say it's a 'most would agree' issue. The vast majority of parents who like to have a beer or 2 with their kids present do just that. The fact that all the adults drank around me growing up took away the allure of it so that I never even partook before I was of age. Of course you shouldn't get out of control, but most don't. It's dumb to get drunk at a park anyway with the prices and the need to go to the bathroom and ensuing dehydration. Point is-'family life' can include alcohol without it being a toxic issue and it makes sense that parks include it.
  4. Even in my early 20s I'd get 'rattled' easily if I didn't have breakfast and enough water. One day I started with Invertigo and I was done immediately. Now (47) it seems to be timing. I need enough time to gather my senses (although there are some I could do right away). I typically only do Banshee once per visit.
  5. Met up with another family we know from SC (good half way meeting spot). Spent Thursday at the waterpark which was a great move considering the heat and the mid-afternoon thunderstorm. We waited it out in the cabana and had the run of the place until close (which is early for both the waterpark and the big park). Both parks benefit from an absolutely amazing setting full of hills, shade, nooks and crannies that give the whole place an organic ambiance that is rare in the parks I've been to. Don't have time to do a play by play, but suffice it to say that Dollywood exceeded my expectations in terms of the rides and the experience. The theming and landscaping were absolutely stellar. Much of the park has a rivertown feel that focuses on logging, mining and fire fighting. But the 'jukebox junction' area was especially well done to resemble a small town from the 50s-some of those elements were Disney-caliber. Overall, the place exuded the positive spirituality and oneness with nature that Dolly is all about. The living statue of her mom quilting the 'coat of many colors' is awe-inspiring. For being so family-oriented with multiple kids' areas, DW balances it out with some amazing coasters for a park its size. FireChaser Express and Mystery Mine are incredibly unique ride experiences. Thunderhead felt like a cross between Mystic Timbers and The Beast--placing it above MT IMO. Wild Eagle was amazing and the most intense winged coaster I've ridden, Tennessee Tornado was awesome for an old Arrow, and Lightening Rod was my only experience of an RMC in a terrain setting...even Dragonflier, the suspended kiddie coaster, was a major surprise. The main thing that makes the bulk of the coasters stand out is the way that they fit the terrain. Not sure if it was a low-traffic day and/or the marginal demand for thrill rides, but the coaster lines were overwhelmingly short. Several walk-ons and never very long. A very nice departure from KI/CP. I'm admittedly a Dolly fan, but this place surpassed my expectations. The setting and ambiance brimming with Dolly's musical spirit would be great even if it weren't for the rides--but the rides were next level as well. With all of the elevation, and newly cleared out area by Wildwood Grove, it really seems like the sky is the limit in terms of expansion.
  6. A Screaming Swing (or whatever CPs Skyhawk is)...don't care where
  7. Loved those streamers. If I was the boss of the world that place would be dark, cold and full of german food and beer. It's always been a refuge from the outdoors.
  8. Would be sweet! Could have all sorts of cool indoor theming but I wonder if the building is big enough. The radius of those swinging arms is huge.
  9. Swap out the ropes course with a wild mouse and fit a screaming swing in there somewhere and I'm in
  10. Went Friday and had an amazing time. Figured it would feel much more crowded and it wasn't even that bad. Didn't do the mazes because was with the kids--but even the scare actors were creepy but not too over-zealous. Loved that basically everything was open. Daughter finally hit 54'' so her 1st time on DB and Orion were both at night! This is the best time of year and I love to see the park put to such good use.
  11. Millennium Force. Fast, quiet, exposed, and amazing views. Also personal since I remember a gorgeous sunset ride with my wife when we first started going out and this summer I did the same with our daughter.
  12. IMO-Any new coaster that DOESN'T feature terrain and the forest is a huge missed opportunity. I know it's more difficult and costly, but hills and trees are a feature of this entire region and especially KI...a reason why The Bat is still great.
  13. Sounds like I really need to ride at night and/or in the back. Not had that pleasure yet. In terms of the Millie comparison, I still have to give Millie the nod for a few reasons. The sprawling cloverleaf layout makes all those long fast turns cover so much real estate and really get you turned around so that it's hard to keep track of what's next. Just this year (1st rode in 2002) was I finally able to remember the order of each element. A big reason why I've always loved The Beast. It is also smooth as glass after all these years-I don't think I'd feel comfortable hopping right back on Orion after getting off. Could ride MF all day. Also, despite having a lower ride height that allows my 7 year old daughter to ride (her new fave), the 2-seater trains with that little lap bar give such an exposed feeling and connection to the track. JMO of course.
  14. IMO the novelty of FC wore off pretty quick. WindSeeker is way more enjoyable/thrilling and WAY taller.
  15. Extreme launch coaster that acts as a 'portal' to the other side of the park. Think TTD but instead of straight up and around it would be a huge airtime hill out of the launch and you'd 'land' in the other side of the park. It would be all acceleration and air time in a straight line. Of course, you'd need a mirror image of it going the other way as well, and people would end up on the other side-introducing a host of other problems, but a ride like that would be an amazing experience and dominate the skyline.
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