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  1. milesharrison

    Winterfest Questions

    Mine happens to be a wheat allergy so I do actually have to avoid it not to die. Cross-contamination is always a potential problem, but I tend to be fine with most things that don't explicitly contain wheat. I'm typically able to pick out what I can and can't eat, but the new WinterFest options threw a curveball so I was very appreciative that they updated the website and reached out to let me know.
  2. milesharrison

    Winterfest Questions

    Got a call from Chef Nate today after I inquired about gluten free options at WinterFest 3 weeks ago. They finally updated the website with allergen info for WinterFest. (https://www.visitkingsisland.com/help/special-dietary-needs) One thing to note if looking for GF... The gravy on the Ham/Turkey dinners DO contain wheat, but this hasn't been reflected on the site yet. So basically ham/turkey with plain mashed potatoes. Unfortunately the details about the buffet in IR are not listed.
  3. Geesh, $8.01 in taxes and fees since my pass was purchased at KI.... I think I'll wait till I get to the park...
  4. KI's prices are 29.99, while CP's are 26.99
  5. Huh, that's interesting... KI: CP:
  6. milesharrison

    Mystic Timbers - What's In The Shed?

    I'm anxious to see if Angry Orchard becomes a sponsor of some sorts or is at least sold around the ride next year, given the resemblance between the two logos and similarity of the names. Even if it was unintentional, it could be mutually beneficial...
  7. Nice article about the Beach today: http://indy.st/29b5C2X
  8. milesharrison

    Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

    Pretty sure it is one of the sign boards for the poster-size Haunt maps that have been located at the front gate in recent years. That's what it looked like to me when I saw it opening weekend. I might be mistaken though.
  9. milesharrison

    Theming rundown

    Not yet.
  10. milesharrison

    Theming rundown

    I believe all of the (spot)lights, in the queue and in the spaghetti bowl, were actually replaced with multi color LEDs. Brighter and much improved!
  11. milesharrison

    Electronic Passes and App Usage

    It seems to have been a soft roll out...not actively marketed yet, if ever. I've been able to get it to work but have had a couple issues mainly with screen brightness, etc causing the scanner to not be able to scan the QR code on my phone. I think it's there more as a "convenience" feature in case you forget your pass or for some reason you don't want to take anything but your phone into the park. I definitely think that an RFID (same tech as MagicBands) system would work better than barcodes and QR codes for everything in terms of reliability and ease of use, though.
  12. milesharrison

    Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

    Neat? Yeah. Elaborate? Definitely. Awesome? Ehh...that would probably mark the end of theming for the Banshee queue when they would go to clean it up.
  13. milesharrison

    Rock work sign at new parking lot entrance?

    Tapatalk is probably the easiest, especially given the embedded picture hosting feature.
  14. Very happy to see all these improvements! Hopefully they'll be enough to repair the local opinion of the park. I'm a little skeptical on the new slogan though. It just seems a little... corny.
  15. milesharrison

    The lost 1992 Dinn woodie

    https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rec.roller-coaster/sRB_FxpQ_QQ/H3NPwuy1tlcJ An interesting read from 1994...