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  1. I think we can rule out RCCA....... TheBEASTunchained.......Feeding the growling box......
  2. Fury's theming was derived from a nearby Hornet.... If you catch my buzz..... ....TheBEASTunchained......Clawing his way out.....
  3. Keep in mind the closest of details of that post..... ....TheBEASTunchained....Closing the door behind himself....
  4. Food for thought..... @GlauserDan13 on Twitter: "Came across this FB error by accident." Photo : Daniel Glauser / @GlauserDan via Twitter
  5. Growing increasingly worried by the lack of crowds seen at the park thus-far this season..... Tell your friends to visit, tell your neighbors to visit, and go visit the Kingdom yourself! The park is beautiful from a landscaping perspective and has a great coaster line-up. If you wondered if it was worth the trip, it is.
  6. The gray track is likely just not yet painted. CSF tends to sit some pieces outside until they can get them back in to paint.
  7. @KingsIslandPR on Twitter: "Hoping that one doesn't fall. #fallingtrees" Photo : Don Helbig / Kings Island via Twitter
  8. Storm Chased the day away today. Wonderful time. Trip report coming soon!
  9. Nor did it take a Centurion.... TheBEASTunchained.... Dropping in for a buzz.
  10. As many here already know, a Gerstlauer Sky Roller is by-far my most hoped for attraction at the park. I would absolutely LOVE to see the park get one, and Cedar Fair might as well "Get 'em while they're hot".
  11. I know all of last season, The Racer's queue was a popular place to smoke..... I became very annoyed at times due to the amount of people who just lit up a cigarette in The Racer's queue last season. Hope the park will eventually put their foot down about this issue.
  12. There was an ejection on New Texas Giant and Lightning Rod at Dollywood is having delays in opening. Texas Giant is the only real issue.Lightning Rod is due to the fact that they're putting new technology onto something wooden. Launched lift on a wooden coaster has never been done before. They want to make sure it's done properly. The launch was made by a third party as well, so that issue isn't fully RMC relatedSent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk ......Or to get even more specific, as far as the Texas Giant incident goes.... Texas Giant trains were one of only two RMC coasters that used trains by Gerstlauer. (The other being Iron Rattler) Other than that, RMC hasn't really actually had any issues with their own trains.
  13. It seems as though the park is already in talks with RMC for another coaster in the future according to a CoasterForce interview with Ed Hart last week. Maybe we'll see one of the RMC single rail coasters at the park eventually! Link will be posted soon.
  14. Those who know don't talk. Those who talk don't know..............or so I was once told in a similar discussion. ......How easy they forget. ....."you might want to grab yourself a Snickers bar. It's going to be awhile"
  15. A phenomenon, you might say....
  16. Sean Flaharty has uploaded a WONDERFUL front seat POV from Twisted Twins' Lola (Now known as Storm Chaser) on YouTube today. Lola V. Storm Chaser (Video via Sean Flaharty on YouTube) (Video via Upstop Media on YouTube)
  17. It looks as though the future of this park is headed into a very bright direction. For a while, it was almost like there was no light at the end of the tunnel for IB or a tunnel at all. With the limited amount of opportunity in this industry, I always find it somewhat heartwarming to see a bounce back from a park like this, especially in this manor. Indiana Beach will definitely be seeing some of me this season!
  18. Sorry guys, but I've been looking up and down the webcam and can't seem to locate what new entryway that you're speaking of.....? Maybe you're seeing the tunnel path that takes you under the maintenence road that's always been part of the walk back to The Bat....?
  19. Here's the video of the first test run for those of you who were unable to view it or hadn't yet gotten the chance:
  20. Can't wait to see! Unfortunately, my recent photos that were taken during installation of the last track piece were lost.
  21. It seems as if I may be the only one here who feels this way, but I happen to really like the color combos and look of the trains! They are different, as is the ride itself, from any other RMC that's out there and that seperation really sets it on its own, which quite frankly impresses me.
  22. One "small" step for BGW hopefully equates to one "large" step in the rest of the American sector of the industry.......Hint...Hint....I'm looking at you Kings Island.....
  23. Based on the Banshee Cam right now, it looks as if The Bat's cars are currently being lifted onto the track.....
  24. Storm Chaser track was completed yesterday evening! Pictures to come!
  25. We've got an incoming delivery for a........ Wait..... Where will it go?.... Oh yeah.... ....TheBEASTunchained.... A fan of certain kinds of deliveries.....
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