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  1. Italian Chef Says "And yes......I ACTUALLY LIKE STAR TREK AND AM NOT A NERD." I feel the same way Chef!
  2. I would have voted for a popular Paramount picture. But, seeing how there aren't any, I voted for Star Trek. Seems to me that everyone just wants a new ride themed after a Paramount movie, popular or not. Maybe 2004 will bring a good Paramount movie. Oh yeah, just another thought. Just because a movie is popular does not make it good nor necessarily a good choice to theme a ride by.
  3. I never said that I would not go to PKI, just not as much as I used to. Someone always has to be a smart a** and can only come back with, well, just go on to CP and I won't have to stand in line behind you. If you really cared for the park, then you would want them to keep up with maintenance and themeing. And, if more and more people start thinking like I do, then eventually attendance will drop and there will be no more PKI.
  4. Not to say you are wrong The Rickster, but where did you hear that they are re-themeing Top Gun? I have not heard that one yet. I did hear about AE, but not TG. And, I also agree with mars1825 that the days of nice themeing are over with at PKI. They couldn't seem to care less unless it's a new ride. But then again, the themeing for the newer rides will rot like all the others leaving an eyesore, but what do they care as long as they sell season passes. To me, if it's not nice to look at, I'm more apt to go somewhere else that looks better. That's another reason I go to CP more often even though it is a longer drive for me.
  5. Actually, I would have to say that The Racers would have to be their best decision, with The Beast as a close second. Why? It was really The Racers that put them on the map initially. And, I have read in several places that it was the building of The Racers that brought back the coaster revolution. Then, I would say The Beast, because it is still the signiature coaster of the park over SOB, Face/Off, Vortex, or Flight of Fear.
  6. Intamin seems to be leading the way in terms of building costs for their coasters. Yes, they wouldn't want to have a new coaster that breaks down three times a day, but what is not being realized is that it is bound to happen with any coaster from any manufacturer. The reason for this is simple...there's always a break-in period for any coaster and most need tweaking after opening and you always run the risk of at least a little downtime.
  7. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    The real question is, who would want to name a flying coaster after a box office flop like timeline? Oh, wait a minute, PKI already named a ride after a box office flop...Drop Zone. Before you say it, I know that DZ is a good name for the ride, I just wouldn't have associated it with that awful movie. I also thought that Hypersonic XLC had a lot of potential and was wasted. What bothers me is many people bash Top Thrill Dragster for being a short ride and a two trick pony, but you never hear anyone bashing XLC, which is a short ride and a two trick pony itself. I guess it's easier to bash something that is not located in your favorite park chain.
  8. I am looking forward to SOB first. But since I have not been on Delirium or Tomb Raider, those would be 2nd and 3rd on my list.
  9. 10) Hibernate until PKI opens 9) Watch coaster videos 8) Wish for quick winter 7) Party 6) Buy Playstation 2 5) Buy Computer for home 4) Buy K'nex Rippin' Rocket 3) Work Less, Play More 2) Watch more movies 1) Play RCT 2 until I can't stand it any more!
  10. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    Seeing how PKI does not trust S&S any more, I highly doubt that they would build one. And, just because S&S designed one, doesn't mean that anyone will buy one. By the way, how tall is this supposed to be? From what I have read, Intamin has the plans and the technology to build a 700ft+. coaster, which will probably wind up being the last coaster built at Cedar Point when Dick Kenzel retires in '07. So, if it's not bigger than that, the record won't last long.
  11. I agree that you can't beat a coaster like The Beast at night. I also picked The Beast as my favorite because it has stood the test of time. I hate to pick a favorite flat because I have yet to ride Tomb Raider or Delirium. But, excluding those two, I would have to say Drop Zone, even if it is themed after a movie that virtually no one has seen and did not do well at the box office either.
  12. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    Why is everyone hooked on this timeline movie as the next theme for a coaster? I'm not sure it has even done well at the box office. Or, is it just that it is a Paramount movie and from now on, every Paramount movie made is going to be suggested for a new ride to be themed by. You know, it may very well be that PKI won't theme it to any movie. Last ride built...Delirium. No movie themeing there. The only coasters named after movies are Face/Off and Top Gun. The majority are not named after movies.
  13. You kind of missed my point in the last sentence specialk141. I was not saying that The Beast and Racers are boring. I was saying that if those were the only kinds of coasters around, that would be boring. I happen to like the new innovations coming about. I would like to see a hypercoaster installed at PKI. I think that is what is truly missing. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing an inverted, flying or floorless either.
  14. Selling the park to Paramount. You would think that since this company generates a lot of money, they could afford better upkeep. And, sink more money into new coasters.
  15. I'm new to this board, so hello to all. Anyway, I highly doubt that anyone, including PKI, will build another tallest and fastest coaster for some time. The return on investment has to justify spending that kind of money. Like someone stated before, TTD cost something like $25 mill and to go higher and faster would be considerably more expensive. In my opinion, TTD is an awesome coaster and even though it doesn't have a lift hill in the traditional sense, it does deserve the title of tallest and fastest. Face it folks, this is a new generation of coasters we are seeing these days and new designs and technologies are allowing for more different and intense rides. Many would argue that Face/Off and Wicked Twister are not truly roller coasters because there's no lift hill in the traditional sense. We should all be glad that companies like B&M and Intamin are pushing the envelope with these new extreme rides. Otherwise, you're limiting yourself as to what these coasters can do. Just think, if no one had come up with the reverse inclined launch, LIM launched, standing, floorless, flying, would there be as many coasters out there as there are now? I wouldn't think so. And, remember this, someone could say the same about steel coasters. They do have the lift hill, but someone had to have the foresight to come up with bending steel and totally changing the way that coasters were thought to be made. Without innovations, there would not be nearly as many coasters today if everyone just stuck to the basic wood coaster, no inversions, no launches, no reverse incline or LIM launches. There would be no Flight of Fear, No Face/Off, No Son of Beast, No King Kobra, No Vortex. The list goes on. All you would have is The Beast and The Racers. How boring would that be?
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