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  1. My nephew and son love the spongebob legos so this little guy has my vote.
  2. I kinda agree with him...that number is BAD NEWS... I'm NOT going to FearFest simply because I dont like.. it I've been to almost all the FearFest's last years was awsome and fun but I got bored quickly so me and scoob/ his GF went home I'm for sure am not going this year its a money racket and I dont want to waste my money so unless the park is open in NOV for people that dont like halloween events my last visit was AUG 4th 2006. I still think Holiday Horror sounds stupid and tacky.
  3. FearFest was also on the FOX45 in The Morning here in Dayton ... looks really cool but it just isnt for me or my money.
  4. The only thing I'm upset about is how Cedar Fair Canned WinterFest I go to more Christmas themed events than I do Halloween and for me and my family it was huge let down when they canned WF. I do think CF will own the chain longer than Paramount did...I'm starting to think that Nick will be phased out of the parks and replaced by Snoopy and crew which is all right by me.
  5. That guy is a jackass I'm happy paramount is gone for two reasons 1.they were cheap on attractions & 2.They removed so many classic rides with explantion.
  6. Yes. But your forgetting Universal Studios also had featured Hanna-Barbera Characters I dont think your giving credit to this topic you seem as if Nick is the most popular of all but kids do also watch Boomerang and Cartoon Network,Disney Channel.
  7. What the? wow you guys honestly dont know do you Paramount is NICK and CBS IS NICK the park WAS paramount it isnt because NICK is popular it because PARAMOUNT owned the parks !!! and the HB Contract with the parks was almost up.HB is still popular look at Cartoon Network all there shows are done by Hanna-Barbera Animation like Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,Camp Lazlo etc. Yup Scooby-Doo is popular with kids and adults I like the new scooby-doo series very funny stuff. And the question was what do you like more Hanna-Barbera Land or Nick U.
  8. As a little kid I always looked forward to seeing Fred Flintstone and the other HB characters but mostly Fred and Dino,Scooby Doo so I'll go with HBL.
  9. Awsome I love seeing Fall Pictures of Kings Island.Great Wolf is so HUGE...Great Job Gabe.
  10. As long as it has Football I'm happy
  11. I so totally agree with ya tom I dont do haunted houses I dont get why FearFest is so popular I've been to a lot of em and still dont understand why people go they arent anything great its same old same old to me. I like the friendlier side of Halloween not all that hollywood gore crap. I hope that the park is open in November I'd too like to ride The Beast one last time before the weather gets freezing.
  12. Look at what Dolly is adding to Dollywood Mystery Mine aka Addams Family Shriek House ThunderHead ( which I hear is awsome) She's gotta pay those bad boys off! Dollywood is so pretty the mountains in the background I havent been to Dollywood lately because of the HIGH prices.
  13. Question- Does the park use the ''effects'' anymore like the roaring and the lights?? Havent been at the park in a long while and I'm not going to fearfest so unless they have the begining of November open for guests that will be my time to get a ride on The Beast.
  14. RailRider-We always have the Holiday Fest at the beach which sounds awsome!!! It sucks CF pulled the plug on WinterFest for this year I think it will be back better than ever sooner than you think...that Holiday Horror gimmack sounds tacky and not right at all..I dont think guests will enjoy that ...I mean your stomping or rather toying on peoples ideals... that wont go over very good...it sounds wrong and paramount err Cedar Fair should kill that fearfest attraction while they still can. Whom ever said that about Nick U. Being a scary attraction I have something to say to you... You need help.Honestly thats a sure way to ruin a kids childhood besides spongebob is a fun loving cartoon and I dont think Steven Hilenburg (he created spongebob and sold the rights to nick)would like that.... But Spike TV wanted to do a Spongebob Squarepants adult cartoon way back when Spike launched there animation block but NICK said NO and Steven Hilenburg said NO because Spongebob Squarepants is intended for kids and the young at heart.
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