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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Anybody getting the connection between all of these logs and the LOG flume?. I hope it stays but I'm just saying.
  2. Sticks. Why did it have to be sticks? #KIProject2017 new tweet https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/747885837224902656?lang=en
  3. Opening day this year wasnt bad at all. I don't remember waiting over 45 minutes for anything but I didn't enter x base.
  4. Six Flags hasn't had any issues with their RMC coasters. I say coasters and not trains because of NTG. RMC didn't make the launch on LR. That was another company. I don't see any launched coaster coming to a CF park besides maybe a Mack.
  5. Yea that a GCI footer right there. It has the 3 holes in a triangluar shape like the slanted ones above.
  6. Did you see the Wildfire POV uploaded today? The ride is massive and super long.
  7. The longest I saw a line get up to on Thursday was 45 minutes for Diamondback. I was very impressed with the operations since it was my first visit back since opening weekend. There were still some stacks but it was a lot better. I saw a phone laying on the track after the mcbr. Anybody else see it? It was silver.
  8. This is the same case as at Cedar Point. Atleast it will help the general public with lines.
  9. Lets look at Rob Decker's last 5 years. Valravn, looks amazing still a dive coaster but it looks amazing, Fury 325 is amazing and looks amazing, Banshee looks and is amazing, Gatekeeper looks amazing and is amazing, Leviathan looks great but it was b&ms first giga so Ill give them slack. Still better than Millennium Force. I trust Cedar Fair.
  10. SOB was also what... 200+ feet tall? -- This coaster will more than likely have a crane as well, just for bigger pieces that can not be hauled by hand. (Or metal track that is RMC...) Wildfire in Europe is a wooden RMC and its crane is still up after it just started testing.
  11. I think it is just Six Flags' fault because I rode it in 2012 and it was so smooth. It was my favorite ride of the day.
  12. The Joker that just opened has a curved drop. My favorite part about a GCI are the couches cough cough seats.
  13. Has anybody thought about the drop going into the ravine? Im on the train rn it looks duable. I trust rob decker
  14. I got the green cup so people wont steal mine lol. I cant drink enough soda to get the orange cup. I usually get a cup just for a lot of ice water because its free
  15. I used to be on the bandwagon that Gatekeeper was forceless and terrible but after my marathons on it this season, it is my third favorite ride in the park behind Maverick and Millennium Force. Has Banshee lost a little bit of its rattle? It was almost rough opening weekend. They needed to run the soft wheels on it.
  16. Are you sure that you are at the required 14 yearof age to be on this site because you spelled knows as nows
  17. I was surprised that nobody asked Rob Decker about KI2017 at CoasterMania today. It was all just a joke on who could roast the park officials the best
  18. No Limits is such a pain to learn so I don't blame you.
  19. I like how Cedar Point has a bunch of freestyle "rooms" i guess you could say. They also have a lot more snack related restaurants which are less popular so people naturally use those for refills. Kings Island just doesnt have enough places to refill cups. Another thing I see at Cedar Point is there are less cups per capita. The average weight of a guest is a lot lower there too? Coincidence? I think not. I don't even have a cup. I just spring for the water fountains with a water bottle so it fits in my pocket. I save money on lockers, and the initial cup while staying healthy.
  20. I love how you just decided to go out there on a whim lol.
  21. This may sound crazy but the back row is the smoothest. I know this sounds crazy but I felt a rattle on Valravn back row and Rougarou was glossy. It is running so good this year.
  22. The gold pass promotion thing with the count down timer has pink coaster track in it. It reminds me of Divertical's track
  23. Cedar Point seemed fantastic opening weekend. The employees knew all the dining plan options and that they actually changed from last year. The Panda Express line that took me 30 min at KI opening day took me 10 min Cedar Point opening sunday
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