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  1. I grew up 15 minutes from KI and went there for many years. My father got his job transferred to Cleveland. I think Cedar Point is a way more enjoyable experience. You don’t have to deal with the annoying middle school gangs, and the people are a lot less self entitled I guess you can say (besides Fast Lane). The food is better at KI, but Cedar Point has gotten a lot better the last few years. As long as you don’t go on a saturday, you can pretty much get everything done. I don’t even care about riding much just because Steel Vengeance is so much better than any ride in the park. I try to get at least 2 rides a trip. I usually get 3 and I have 13 rides on it in 5 trips. I used to like KI better, but now it just seems like child’s play compared to Cedar Point.
  2. Man, riding Mystic Timbers before and after Steel Vengeance is so much different. Feels like a family coaster now not a thrilling woodie.
  3. The rain didn’t scare anybody off. Its light for a saturday but Diamondback is 30-45 minutes, walk on earlier today.
  4. I am making a last minute trip from cleveland, arriving around 3. Hopefully the thunderstorms miss us. I’m interested to see how things feel after riding Steel Vengeance 13 times.
  5. All I want is a totally renovated parking lot. It is sad that it is as rough as it is currently.
  6. i mean Kings Island crowds not Cedar Point lol. I said i am coming FROM Cleveland.
  7. Thinking about coming down from Cleveland for next weekend. How crowded is closing weekend usually? I will be going Friday night and maybe Saturday morning.
  8. Well Cedar Point was a disaster today. The entire main lot was 100% full and the overflow lot was about 80%. Fastlane was $150 and Maverick's Fastland queue was out the gate and wrapped around and almost into frontier inn. Millennium Force had a 3 hour wait at one point; it also had its Fast Lane queue full. GateKeeper, Valravn, and Wicked Twister were full queues. The All Wheels Exteme show was 100% full which is super rare. Overall it was an awful day to be at the park. Food lines actually weren't bad. Atleast the weather was nice...
  9. RMC said the structure was too unstable to work with. You could literally spin most of the bolts in the structure.
  10. Apparently Lighting Rod is open now, but there was a major reduction in the speed of the ride. Apparently there is a lot less airtime and is kind of forceless.
  11. For ERT go to Millennium Force, then Maverick, then get in line for Dragster since it opens at 10. Then just ride do whatever. The rides at the front of the park don't have big lines usually in the afternoon.
  12. Tallest fastest and longest hybrid, most hybrids, most steel track in 1 park, most overall track in 1 park, most coasters over 200ft, And some other sketchy marketing stuff
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