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  1. The gentleman that said that was thinking that since he had an odd number of people they were going to be let through in front of the current group of 3 in front of him, even though the Line separator was just asking for 1 in order to fill the train.  

    I do not think after reading my post again, I had made it very clear that the man saying it, was thinking that having  3 was going to help him and his group get whatever the separator was giving, and was not, in fact, simply answering to let the separator know that they should be disincluded for being a group of 3. 

  2. As I'm in line for MT, myself and my 2 kids were going to be the first group seated for the next train:

    Line Separator - " How many in your party"

    Me: - "there are 3 of us"

    LS (To everyone behind me yelling) - Ok everyone, I need 1 more. Any single riders?!?  Anyone riding alone today, I need 1 single rider please to the front of the line!?!?

    Guy behind me:  We've got 3 in my group!

    Me: (Loses the little bit of faith I had left in humanity)- ………...


  3. On ‎4‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 11:40 AM, robintodd said:

    Also if you have a FunPix season pass make sure to go to the FunPix location at the front of the park to make sure your platinum pass is "synced" so it will work.  Just ask them to verify they see it in their system.

    Do you have to have Platinum pass for your KI FunPix to work at Cedar Point?  I am only going for a day so I did not purchase the platinum pass.  Will my FunPix that is on my KI goldpass work at CP or would i need to purchase a FunPix for that park separately?  

  4. On ‎6‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 11:19 PM, Daphne Orebaugh said:

    For some reason my hubby and I always  called it Momma Rosa's.  Does anyone know if that's what it was once called?  I mean my hubby and I  still refer to the small coaster that was originally named ,"the Scooby Doo".  Any old farts on here like us that remember the original names?  People at the park (especially kids) were probably wondering what the heck we were talking about!  LOL!!!  Anyway, sorry for the long post, but we felt like kids (well almost) last Saturday!

    I am not sure that it was ever called Momma Rosa's.  The founder of the chain's name is "Buddy" LaRosa.  From my understanding, it was a much smaller operation in the 70's.  Kings Island brought them in to have a unique food item (parks did not really have pizza at the time), and it took off from there after people at the park enjoyed it so much.

  5. On ‎2‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 1:11 PM, Oldschool75 said:


    You will definitely see more of it in Kings Island: 50 Years of Memories.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Enjoyed the video glimpse of the ride in operation during the presentation and viewing of the teaser trailer for Kings Island: 50 Years of Memories Friday evening!

  6. Had 2 meals on Sunday, which was a very busy day at the park with all of the after prom kids.  Went to Coney BBQ at around 12:30 which I had not tried yet since it has been in the park.  There was no wait at all, we walked right in and were served immediately.  Service was good.  I had the pulled pork and corn on the cob.  My brother got the ribs and the Fried potato things.  They weren't quite fries but not really tots either and I don't remember what they are called on the menu.  Temperature-wise my pork was somewhere between cold and lukewarm.  Didn't mind eating it with the mustard based bbq which i thought was pretty good. All around decent flavor.  The corn was charred, cold and flavorless.  Pretty much like an ear of corn was shucked, put on the grill a bit too long and then taken off and set aside for a while.  No work put into it at all.  

    I sampled a bite of my brother's ribs.  Good flavor.  But also barely above room temp.  His Fries, whatever they are called there, were a bit warmer. Not hot by any stretch of the imagination, but still not too bad and I thought was a unique menu item, and if they were served hot I think would be a great side. 

    I'd give Coney BBQ maybe 3 Stars out of 5 for good potential and a bump for the quick and friendly service. 

    Had the Potato Works chicken tender basket later on.  Not much of a line, and the food came out quickly.  Interaction with the staff was not pleasant, but was not bad either.   Chicken Tenders were warm.  It was nice to have a hot sauce option as well as the bbq.  Tenders were just ok.  Almost seems like a Banquet Meal brand tender just fried up, not really impressive at all.  Fries were nice and hot.  No seasoning on them at all though. Not sure if that is normal or not. You'd think nice big hot fries like that would have sea salt put on them, maybe a bit of pepper or something.  But completely flavorless.  And the iodized salt packets are almost undeserving of being put on these fries that could be otherwise glorious.  Needs sea salt put on right after being pulled from fryer.  I'd Give Potato Works a 2 out of 5 stars for the idea that Chicken Tenders so generic makes a $14 meal and the Fries were bland and disappointing without smathering them in Ketchup which i would generally prefer to avoid doing. So yeah, that was my dining experience Sunday.

  7. 1 hour ago, Joshua said:

    For me, I think the issue is price. IMO, the Big Bacon was worth $14, but a number of meals at the park aren't. If the park charged a more reasonable price for two slices of pizza and a breadstick, people may feel less inclined to complain. Another thing that might help is the park offered traditional amusement park food, such as corn dogs and hot dogs, for reasonable prices.

    I think the problem with the price of the chain food such as LaRosa's or Chic-fil-a is that not only does KI have to make money off of it, so does Chic-fil-a.  Which is why prices for these are basically double what it is on the outside.  Whereas Reds, and now Brewhouse are run strictly by KI.  The food cost would be the same, but there are not as many pocketbooks to fill with the profit as with the chains.  So Brewhouse can offer quality choices for prices competitive with the rest of the quick service options, because KI is the only brand that has to make a profit and they aren't having to pay royalties or a percentage or whatever it is that they pay to Chic-Fil-A or LaRosa's.

  8. Amazon falls was definitely my first disappointment at the park.  As the OP mentioned, the TV commercials made it look so intriguing.  And then you get to the park and its just up, around and down and splash.  And the line was so long.  It filled the entire que.  PLUS they got rid of my beloved Screamin' Demon for it.  

  9. 4 hours ago, lifetimecoaster said:

     Speaking of The Vortex trains... when was it that they put the walls in the front of the front seats of each train?

     My memory serves me that I used to be able to stretch my legs all the way out into the front area of the trains when I rode, and found out when I finally got to get back on in the 30th anniversary season that they had put a wall up there. 

    I have wondered that too.  I always liked sitting in the front of each car as there was so much room.  

  10. 2 hours ago, Magenta Lizard said:

    We always called them “sippers”, but yeah, lack of a consistent, unique, name for them makes researching them difficult.  

    Found this Cedar Point version of the Orange I mentioned but I still can’t find any pics of Fred  


    I remember calling them sippers also.  Was always a big deal when my parents would buy me one of these.  I liked the grape and then the Scooby ones the best.

  11. 39 minutes ago, Creed Bratton said:

    I don't always partake in alcohol when at the park..but having the option is nice...I wouldn't be happy if that were taken away.

    Nor would I.  I enjoy being able to sit in the biergarden or festhaus to have a beverage every now and again.  It is nice to sit and chill and have a drink and do some people watching sometimes.  Even at haunt.


    Not to mention how much revenue the park would miss out on.  I mean a keg of miller lite would cost them around $85 (alcohol laws and costs are different depending what state you are in, but I ran a restaurant in Indiana and that is about what it was)  And KI charges what $8 for a domestic draft?  I am not convinced you are getting a whole pint from those cups either.  But even so, a keg holds 124 pints.  The craft beer costs more of course from the supplier, and I am not sure what the park charges for those off hand.  I just mean the margins are large and they probably go through more kegs than you'd think.

  12. On ‎4‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 8:52 AM, teenageninja said:

    The old Antique Cars you enter and exited on the same side.  You'll likely get off when you first pull into the station and an associate will pull the car forward to the load position.  Nothing to worry about.  This thing is going to be a capacity nightmare anyways.

    Did you?  I seem to remember getting off on the opposite side, and there was a big white staircase.  You'd walk up the stairs, over the tracks and back down again to go out the exit.  

  13. 15 hours ago, malem said:

    Just a heads up that wholesale prices at Customcat are going up on Thursday, April 11 by $1 per shirt. Since KIC doesn't make any money on these, the prices of our shirts will go up the same amount.

    To get the old pricing, be sure to place your order by this Wednesday at 11:59:59pm EDT.

    Nice, thanks for the update.  Ordered mine this morning!

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