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  1. That was me! Having originally been from Cincy as a kid, and then moving to Indy while still young, and all of my extended family still being in the Cincy area, we were always asking everyone(especially the local Cincinnati family) Cincy time or Indy time on our visits. lol this post made me laugh! While we recognized that the posted park times were Cincy time, of course, this post just brought me back. Glad good Ol' Mitch Daniels brought Daylight Savings time to us Hoosiers and now it is a non-issue
  2. I like the thread bump! For me so far this year 2023 it is... 1. The Beast (Front row at night - if not for the stipulation it is further down the list, probably number 6 if I get a random row on a random day, but for me there is nothing else like this specific experience!) 2. Orion 3. Mystic Timbers 4. Diamondback 5. Banshee 6. The Bat 7. The Racer 8. Adventure Express (Love the new theming!) 9. Backlot Stunt Coaster 10. Flight of Fear 11. Woodstock Express 12. Flying Ace Aerial Chase 13. Invertigo 14. Great Pumpkin Coaster My #2-#4 rankings have definitely fluctuated over the last few years. Up until this season, I had Diamondback ahead of Orion, but have really enjoyed Orion my visits so far this year. My last good ride on Invertigo was Coasterstock of 2019 ERT. Since we got the Stinger trains, I had a couple days ruined by violence induced headaches, I only ride this If I'm with people who really want to do it. I have not had a positive experience on this ride recently at all, which is why it is ranked so low.
  3. Congrats to all who got tickets this year! I was able to get mine after missing out last year. Looking forward to seeing everyone who will be attending!
  4. You should be ok with just buying the 1 FunPix pass for the single day visit. You are able to scan in multiple photos from the same ride so you can add everybody's photos in when you get off the rides. I'd only recommend purchasing multiple if the group is planning on being split up for any length of time. If so, then you might want to look at buying a 2nd pass.
  5. Awesome! I'll be there that day. Do we know if this ceremony kicks off right at park opening, or will the guests be speaking periodically throughout the day?
  6. And also pre-paramount days Saber Dance!! I have a locked away memory of eating LaRosa's and getting some fountain spray while this song played. haha!
  7. Thank you for the information! All of the 50th Anniversary talk triggered my memory of the video project presented at that Coasterstock and was wondering if it was still in the works or not. Definitely is understandable as to why that project was canceled! I did read @KIghostguy's Kings Island: A Ride Through Time. It was fantastic and just as you describe. Nostalgic fact-based story telling. It was very enjoyable! This was also a very fun source of KI History! I believe that I viewed this at the beginning of the 2020 shutdowns when I could not make it into the office. There are some other good videos out there as well like Defunctland's Son of Beast and Tomb Raider: The Ride among others. I've just always enjoyed these types of materials. Definitely appreciate the recommendation!
  8. With the many threads now discussing KI's upcoming 50th anniversary I am reminded of the 2019 Coasterstock. In that year's event, there was a presentation about a KI history film that was being produced, and the hope was at that time that the film would be ready for release for the 50th anniversary. The presentation included a short trailer that featured some past attractions such as Zodiac. Is there anybody here that has heard any updates on this film and if it is still in production and if so, is the plan to still release it in time for the 50th?
  9. That is definitely interesting. I definitely think this is more likely than KI getting the first one. I think Great America would be a good park for it. We will see what happens!
  10. Here's the thing. Mack and B&M are very expensive coaster manufacturers. With all that is going on right now, I'm not sure companies are lining up to install new coasters. B&M Dive..yeah yeah. We know that. Mack multi Launch? Sure put one at Carowinds. These aren't EXCITING though anymore. Enough parks have these close by where it is not different enough,per se to draw in crowds that aren't going to purchase season passes every year anyways. KI could do a spinner on Vortex plot like Time Traveler and that would be interesting and different, and intriguing and would be a huge hit. That's my number one vote for what I'd want to ride all the time and what I'd like to see here. For the park though, let's not forget Kings Islands History on innovation and uniqueness. Racer, Beast, Screamin Demon, OG Bat, King Cobra, Vortex, Outer Limits;Flight of Fear, Son of Beast. And while not Innovative, one of the few parks with a giga. Our drop of 300 ft. Mystic Timbers is the best GCI. BUT they only built it, the layout was designed by another company. What?? Did you even know that?? The S&S Axis coaster should go on this land. Kings Island and S&S should get in cahoots and Let S&S go all out here on this plot and give us a unique experience, a glimpse of our past and something that shows everything this new coaster can do. Old Kings Island motto. DO IT ALL. Showcase the Axis here, and make a deal where KI gets a big discount on being the flagship park to sell this. Hundreds of smaller parks get a less expensive version of this thrill coaster with the various elements in ours. We win, S&S wins. We get to install a new world class coaster at a discount due to its visibility for the manufacturer. And the manufacturer gets recognized for this model at a major park. And the Cedar Point who would not want to install one of these anyways in the near future, due to the newness of the model, and still needing a respectable modern woody plus needing world class status for its new coasters, has the lack of land to put anything on, where this model does not fit for a long time without removing a crowd favorite. So, they wouldn't gamble on this. Kings Island would. It's part of her nature. Let her do what she has always done. Innovate and impress the locals. Everyone else followed back in the day. Let's quit underestimating our worth by following trends and formulas. We aren't Cedar Point South. We are Kings Island. And that means something to so many people. Perfect Coaster at the perfect park.
  11. Cool find on these photos. I loved this ride up and through the trees. It's fun seeing this. @Shaggy thank you for this post, it's always fun to learn more about my favorite park!
  12. Congratulations! I've got mine pre ordered now as well
  13. Last year I was one of the lucky ones who got tickets for the event. I know how quickly it sold out. It was nice how KI handled the refunds for the canceled event. Regretfully I will not be able to attend this year due to a prior commitment that weekend. I hope everyone enjoys! In lieu of this event, I bought tickets for Holiwood nights and Keys to the Kingdom. Haven't been to Holiday World since before Voyage was built and never to KK so looking forward to that weekend for sure!
  14. I remember the Ice Skating show too! One of my favorites was "Game On' which I think was the same game show that you are referring to. That always made me laugh! I want to say that show was going on the first year that Paramount owned the park.
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