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  1. I like King Cobra for a Defunct Land video. Would be cool to see what kind of footage they would find for it. Really any of the rides from the old Adventure Village would be fun, not to just see the attractions, but also some old photos and video of that area in general as it was one of my favorite areas of the park when I was a kid. The Animal Safari monorail ride could be interesting, especially given its history and the fact that the vehicles still exist at Jungle Jim's. Screamin' Demon was my first inversion, and it had a good life at Camden Park after it left KI so it would be fun for
  2. I think its hard to beat the Orlando area with the Disney and Universal Parks, plus with Sea World and the Fun Spots there and Busch Gardens an hour and a half down the road, there is really a lot to do there. If there are young kids, Legoland is pretty cool and not far away. Especially if you factor in all of the great waterparks around the area, its a good place to be in. As for regional park areas, I live near Indianapolis and am within a couple hours of KI, Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. Indiana Beach about an hour away. Cedar Point about 4 and a half hour drive and Six Fla
  3. They should add the old Phantom Theater theme to the playlist. I was at the park yesterday and it would fit right in with some of the songs they are playing this year.
  4. I am not sure I would be in favor of the RMC treatment for any of the rides at KI. Had SOB made it this far, that would be an obvious choice, and it's possible that would have been the best RMC ever. However, that is not how things turned out. Personally, I think that both The Beast and The Racer would be much better rides without the restraints they currently have. If these coasters were still able to have the single lap bar of old, instead of having riders crammed into their seats with the currently used restraints, I think the ride experience would be a lot better. Beast front seat
  5. My experience the last time I was at the park was that the show in the shed was holding up loading anyways and there was significantly longer time between dispatch and when a train pulled in to unload than usual. I can see three train operation not helping much on DB, but at least the day I was there 3 would have been better on Mystic. The line was about an hour long on a Wednesday afternoon. Granted, there was not much sanitizing going on between train loadings that day either if that is what would usually be slowing down dispatches. Just a curiosity, thank you for response.
  6. Has Mystic Still only been running 2 trains?
  7. Good to know, thank you!
  8. Saw this my Jul 3rd visit. They did the routine on the midway in front of Zephyr. They were all randomly picking up trash and then came together for the start. Practice run before the stage opened up. The managers were watching. Pretty cool to run into it out in the wild.
  9. I'd like to see the next one cover The Beast. There are a lot of great night rides at KI, but this one is the stuff of legend.
  10. I think this building would be good for a large virtual motion ride like Battle for the Eire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Only instead of riding on the magical Irish fairy creature, you could be riding on the back of The Beast, paws with the broken chains and all, on a mission to take out the Mystic Timbers Creatures. I think it'd be awesome and perfect for Rivertown
  11. I'm glad you liked the video, thank you for watching! Will look forward to meeting you at the park one of these days
  12. @IndyGuy4KI and @malem Sorry I wasn't able to link up with you guys there! I tried to get on KICentral in the afternoon, but my phone had 1 bar and I wasn't able to load the page. Hope you had a great time, I know I did. Trip Report link attached if you are interested in that at all
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