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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. That is definitely interesting. I definitely think this is more likely than KI getting the first one. I think Great America would be a good park for it. We will see what happens!
  2. Here's the thing. Mack and B&M are very expensive coaster manufacturers. With all that is going on right now, I'm not sure companies are lining up to install new coasters. B&M Dive..yeah yeah. We know that. Mack multi Launch? Sure put one at Carowinds. These aren't EXCITING though anymore. Enough parks have these close by where it is not different enough,per se to draw in crowds that aren't going to purchase season passes every year anyways. KI could do a spinner on Vortex plot like Time Traveler and that would be interesting and different, and intriguing and would be a huge
  3. Cool find on these photos. I loved this ride up and through the trees. It's fun seeing this. @Shaggy thank you for this post, it's always fun to learn more about my favorite park!
  4. Congratulations! I've got mine pre ordered now as well
  5. Last year I was one of the lucky ones who got tickets for the event. I know how quickly it sold out. It was nice how KI handled the refunds for the canceled event. Regretfully I will not be able to attend this year due to a prior commitment that weekend. I hope everyone enjoys! In lieu of this event, I bought tickets for Holiwood nights and Keys to the Kingdom. Haven't been to Holiday World since before Voyage was built and never to KK so looking forward to that weekend for sure!
  6. I remember the Ice Skating show too! One of my favorites was "Game On' which I think was the same game show that you are referring to. That always made me laugh! I want to say that show was going on the first year that Paramount owned the park.
  7. So for Halloween every year, the Indianapolis zoo hosts what they call 'Zoo Boo.' During this event, they run their Carousel backwards and play Halloween themed music. Would be cool if KI could do this during haunt. Run theirs backwards (or not) but the big draw would be to play the Phantom Theater theme music through that Carousel's sound system. It would sound awesome and could bring more riders onto a classic ride.
  8. I did not know that you got to help on Orion beofre it opened! That had to have been an awesome experience I appreciate your response and can tell how much the park means to you.
  9. Just as a curiosity, VortexBFF, what is your current favorite ride at the park now that Vortex is gone?
  10. The old yellow color would fit right in with Woodstock too My vote was also for Diamondback. Definitely agree that it is looking really faded these days and a refresh would give Rivertown as a whole a sharper look.
  11. I'm just really disappointed. If I see a ton of these out on ebay come March or whenever delivery hits, ill be really upset that they didn't cap the amount available to buy per transaction at 2-4. That way real fans had a chance to buy online before it went to resellers. I got a notice they were sold out before 8:01 so these went faster than tickets to a guns and roses concert.
  12. Logged in at 758 item was not up yet. Went to site as soon as 800 hit and went through payment process and it was already sold out. These went in like 30 seconds. All payment fields were auto filled in and it took me less than half minute to hit check out. They were gone by then.
  13. I am not sure when FL sales started back up, but Sunday they were being sold for $100 when we got to the park at around 11:30
  14. Thank you! It is one of my favorites that I was able to take last season
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