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  1. Same one as me. Also my first one ever. Wonder if it is an Indiana thing?
  2. I got on here to "brag" about my pass perk that I just got. It was my first one! A bring a friend for $9.99 on Sunday only through the end of the season. Which I still have yet to use the free friend Sunday entries for renewing so.... That T-shirt one would have been nice though! Perk Envy haha
  3. I used to love Skyline. Not being from Cincy, it is not often that I was able to ever eat there. Over the years, coming back and having it, the quality (like many things) has been in steep decline and in my opinion is barely a shadow of what it used to be. The cheese is still the same, so that's good. But there is noticeable difference in the quality of the mini dogs as well as the chili. It has been cheapened for sure. I decided to try Gold Star a couple of years ago, and now go there instead when I am in town. Love it! That's why it gets my vote
  4. I've only noticed it a couple of times and I thought it was because of the train I was on. I cant remember which color but it seems that I remember thinking it was the same train. Maybe purple? Other than that, I have never felt uncomfortable at all on Banshee. In any event, I rode Raptor this summer for the first time in 13 years and was surprised at how rough it felt after riding Banshee so often. Especially entering the final break run. That thing about realigned my whole skeletal system.
  5. I like this idea. Look you could paint over the snake skin to make the cars orange and yellow. Plop the track down in Octoberfest right where the slingshot is. Boom! return of the Flying Dutchman
  6. Expensive as well, and not just for the labor cost for the amount of time it would take to string that many lights. The train loop is around a mile long. So lights for a mile's worth of lights on both sides I think would be pretty costly just in acquiring the hardware to do it.
  7. I think there are enough UK fans in the area where this tweet could be fun for them. Having said that.... if Orion was going to be given a nickname like Big Blue, it should probably be the biggest blue in the general area at least. JS
  8. I have made my list here. I have ridden 96 coasters, but have not been to any of the Cedar Fair parks other than KI or CP. Also have not been to any Six Flags park. You’ll note the absence of the Holiday World coasters on my list like many others have. It has been 13+ years since I have been on them and just remember them hurting. 10. Expedition Everest – The theming and detail and story on this ride just totally blew my mind. First time I rode it, I was in the front seat. Zooming through the mountain, seeing the track so close in front, not knowing which way it was going to twist or turn next, not knowing what might jump out next was just sensory overload. It has all of this and some surprises. And the bit where you go backwards really adds to the sense of urgency as far as the story goes. I love the feeling of being in a completely different world on this coaster and that is why it made my list. 9. Top Thrill Dragster – I’ve been on this 3 or 4 times now and every time, the build up right before getting on is really something. Not many rides give me that anxious feeling anymore, but this one still does every time. The speed, the rush, and the intensity is unlike anything else I know. 8. Kraken Unleashed – I’ve only ridden this gem a handful of times and all of these rides were right after it opened in 2001. My first floorless coaster experience and I had the best time that day because of this ride and Journey to Atlantis. Maybe I keep it on the list for nostalgia, because I don’t remember a lot of details about the ride itself, but I remember how it made me feel that day. Looking forward to riding it again next Spring to see if it still measures up to my memory of it. Who knows, maybe I wont like it and will decide to place the entry with Rougarou? 7. Montu – This still holds up as my favorite invert. The speed, the theme, the dives. The first time I had ridden this the only other inverts I had been on was Raptor and the Dueling Dragons. This left all of those behind in a way I had never thought possible as I had been so impressed with the Dragons. The ride still holds up today. 6. Mystic Timbers – The more I ride this, the more I like it. Zipping through the woods, over WWC, the perception of speed is prevalent. I love how there is barely a piece of track that isn’t dropping, climbing, twisting, or turning. Even the shed at the end provides a distraction while waiting to head back into the station. I could ride this on repeat for hours! 5. Steel Vengeance – Whoa this coaster is really something else! From the speed to the twists and turns there is nothing I have ever ridden that compares to this thing. The only reason it is ranked so down on my list and not at number 1 is because of how badly the restraints hurt me when I ride. They sink down and pin me in so hard I spend half of my time riding thinking about how uncomfortable I am. If it weren’t for that, this one would probably be #1. 4. Diamondback – Good speed on the first drop, and some sweet relaxing floater air for most of the rest of the journey. Love the clamshell restraints. Love the airtime. The trip back into the area formerly occupied by the Keelboats while floating upwards on each hill is always quite pleasant to me. Never huge thrills, but always a delight. 3. Maverick – Rode this bad boy for the first time a couple of months ago. After hearing all good things about it, I was excited to try it for myself. The last time I was at Cedar Point was the summer they had the fences up about this coming new attraction for the following summer. That second launch takes you by surprise if you don’t know its coming. Awesome. The tight turns, the speed, the thrills. My kids and I rode this thing 6 or 7 times on our 2 day trip to the point and loved every lap. 2. Millennium Force – The fast lift hill overlooking Lake Erie, that first drop…wonderful and amazing. The speed, the turns, everything about this one is just right for me. 1. Beast (At night, Front Row) - So this is kind of a controversial pick for me. As I small child in the early 80’s this coaster was the main thing that people talked about that mentioned Kings Island. I anticipated what it would be like to ride this while I was very young. As I got bigger and was able to finally graduate to riding, it was one of the best feelings that I remember having as a kid and that was probably around 32 years ago. So there is a lot of nostalgia at play here with this pick as well I believe. The Beast during the day in any seat might put this coaster back at around #4 on the list for me. But the night rides through the woods in that front seat is my favorite thing at any theme park ever. Being so secluded and having a nice romp through the Forest really takes you out of reality. Then the intensity of the double Helix, being plunged into complete darkness through those tunnels. I cannot say enough good things about this ride at night!
  9. Tweeted from KI. 5 new Haunt attractions? I assume one of these is the aforementioned shipwreck. I wonder what the other 4 could be?
  10. Well, now that our Kids area streak is over, will we see some work done in this area for next year in addition to Orion? Maybe some TLC this off season and some additions for the 2021 season? Curious to know everybody's thoughts about it.
  11. Of the CCI coasters, I have been on the ones in the Indiana parks. Holiday World and Indiana Beach. What are some of their others you recommend, I do not think I have been on any of the others?
  12. Right on, thank you. You were right about tonight, got some good rides in a short amount of time.
  13. Is ERT on Saturdays at 9:00 or 9:30? Also what rides will that include tomorrow? Mystic, DB, and Beast?
  14. Has anybody seen The Beast mini basketballs or the Yellow and Black Charlie Brown mini basketballs in the Emporium lately? Last time I was at the park, they only had Diamondback and Banshee ones, but I'd really like to have The Beast one? I made the mistake of not purchasing it earlier in the season when I saw them and have not seen them since.
  15. The commercial they posted above was the Miller Lite slogan for years in the 80's. It was a thing back then when most of the ship would yell this pretty much every time you would ride Viking Fury. The people facing one way would start it and yell "Tastes Great!" at the Apex of their swing and the other side would yell "Less Filling." once they reached theirs. I was a young kid at the time, and didn't realize it was a beer commercial, but would yell my heart out every time. Never understood then when I did this why the adults would laugh at my yelling. Good times.
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