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  1. This is the same experience I had all 3 tries as well.
  2. Also why I was not 100% confident with my answer
  3. That is Flight of Fear I do believe.
  4. I have only ridden SV as far as RMC's go, but the restraints caused pretty much the worst pain I've felt on a ride since SOB. These might even be worse for me than that if I am to be honest. I wanted to like it so much, so I gave it 3 tries, but all i could think about the whole time was how bad it hurt.
  5. My guess is that if not this season, then next, the land will be used for the Monster trucks like Cedar Point had this year. Look for this to stick around 3 seasons or so, and then possibly our next coaster going in there at the end of that run. I wouldn't mind the B&M floorless that has been suggested or even a B&M looper like Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa. Something photogenic with lots of inversions that is a worthy replacement for Vortex
  6. I am not sure there would be a rename to Polaris, or that we would see that name without a number after it. If I remember correctly from the decoding thread, part of the Polaris copyright was rejected so that KI would not have been able to sell any Merch along with this name as it would be too similar to the Polaris company with the sport vehicles. It was my suspicion upon reading that in the earlier threads that this is why the coaster was named Orion instead of Polaris to begin with.
  7. Sorry to hear that you will not be attending this year. It was nice to meet you while there last year.
  8. Could I ask you to PM me your recipe?
  9. The grocery stores here in Indy do not have the LaRosa's sauce for sale, I have looked everywhere. However, if you are on the east side of town, there is a LaRosa's restaurant in Batesville, which would be a 45 min to an hour drive down 74 E, where you can dine in (get the Cheese breadsticks too) and stock up on sauce to take home. This is one of those unique places where if you are around it all the time like the Locals in Cincy it is meh, but when you don't have it as an option you always want it. Which I think about it multiple times a week and wish we had them here haha. Think Yuengling before we got it here too a couple years ago
  10. Diamondback is closed today. Anybody on here know why? Lame way to close the season out...
  11. When I was a kid, I was really excited about a new ride that had been advertised quite a lot coming to KI. It was Amazon Falls and promised to be a great water ride from the advertising. Getting to the park at the beginning of that season and seeing what it was, not only was I disappointed to see how short it was, but also that it had replaced Screamin’ Demon. Which I loved. I was still in earlier elementary school when this removal happened, but remember being sad that I didn’t know it was going to be my last ride on an upside-down coaster the year before. (Luckily I was reunited with Screamin’ Demon, which was named something else, for some last rides years later at Camden Park on a visit there). There were some Coney Mall removals I was upset about in the 80’s as well. I Was disappointed the year I got to the park and Zodiac was gone. Other than the train, That and the Flying Dutchman were my favorite rides when I was that age. I have enjoyed the shoutouts to them with this year’s addition. The latter left within a few years after Zodiac I believe(When AE was installed). Was disappointed when the Red, white and Blue (matching The Racer) slide, was relocated to Hannah Barbera Land and had the whole top section removed to shorten it. I Remember being confused at a Winterfest one year wondering why they filled in the water “track” for the Smurf Ride. Seeing a small kids coaster standing where the boats loaded, I stood in line for some hot chocolate at a nearby stand, staring at this situation wondering why they’d go through all that trouble only to have to put the boats back in the Spring? That next season was when Phantom Theater came in and my beloved Smurfs were to be no more. I held a grudge against that ride for a couple of years, but eventually learned to appreciate it. And now, miss it as well. I was pretty devastated about Les Taxis being removed for something that looked so ugly in an area that was so beautiful and added so much to the park. Hated that our Eagles were taken out as it was my dad’s favorite ride. He had ridden those at Coney Island as well and how disappointed he was when they were gone with no notice beforehand made me angry they had been removed for no apparent reason as well. When King Cobra was taken out, there were rumors someone on the same ride somewhere else Had died, or gotten hurt, and that KI couldn’t afford the insurance anymore. Or some such tale, I cant remember exactly. But I remember going with the rumor and being understanding about why it was removed. I saw Tumblebug replaced with Skylab which was a good replacement, but was upset when Skylab was taken out and not replaced with anything worthy. That had been my mom’s favorite flat. I was bummed out about the removal of Marathon Turnpike in HB Land, along with that little strip back there with the games and the ball pit to jump around in. Was also pretty bummed out about the Elephant Fountain being taken out. Also was not the happiest when the spinning cauldrons were no more. I was just fine with SOB being removed as it hurt me to ride. Not only was it a jerky, headache inducing ride, but the trains and restraints were so cramped and uncomfortable. As awesome as it looked, removing it was just fine with me. I was fine with TRTR being removed as I only got a chance to ride it in its last year as the Crypt and was not impressed with it at all. And still had a grudge against it for Kenton’s Cove Keelboats being taken out for it anyways. Until recently, the thing that I really believe that had upset me the most was when the train was converted to transportation for Water Works. This removed all of the Cowboy scenes. I would ask to ride that train over and over again when I was a kid and I loved it. While there are still a few remnants today that are nice to see as a warm reminder of what it used to be, I was pretty devasted when this change was made. I’ve seen a lot come and go at the park. But not as much as others have. I have seen many great additions and have seen a lot of things replaced with new things. Such is progress. Some have been hits, and some have been misses. None of the things I have mentioned so far have hit me as hard emotionally as much as the announcement for the removal of Vortex.
  12. I would have liked for all the Kings Island events to be called "Fest" Definitely keep Winterfest. I liked the name FearFest better. Coasterstock could be CoasterFest. FoodTruckFest. Granted our Oktoberfest area was more lively back in the day, but it was kinda cool to have that "fest" tie in to the events, and then be able to go into that area of the park for each one and see what kind of beer they had on tap, what kind of music was playing inside of Festhaus etc
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