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Found 2 results

  1. Now we are getting into the heart of Winter, lets have another Photo Contest with a Twist! "Kings Island Without A Ride Photo Contest" Post your best Kings Island photo inside the park that does not have a ride in the picture or background (including the Eiffel Tower.) Rules: Only 1 picture per post. (If there is more than one, the whole post will be removed.) Any photo with a ride in the pic will be disqualified from winning and a note will be added as such by admin. A max of 4 submissions. (Any additional submissions will be removed.) All photo
  2. Way back in April I teased that I had purchased a set of photos of the park from 1974. (Random Photo Thread) A lot of the photos are the “same old, same old”…it’s amusing to me that I have seen several different sets of photos that people have taken at the park over the years and it seems like you can count on quite a few people taking the same exact shots. (I wish I could run across someone who liked to take more pictures of the rides back then! ) Anyway, as I was scanning these photos and looking at them I kept thinking to myself just how much the park has changed. (duh) I was also just as
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