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7/27 - Short Day

King's Island Addict

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Today, my sister, her roommate and I, all decided to spend the day at Kings Island before they had to go back to Mississippi. We first got there between 10:30 and 11. We went to Top Gun so my sister could get "warmed up" and, of course, it was a walk on. Next, we waited about 30 minutes for face/off. I loved to watch my sister's face as she screamed throughout the whole ride. We took a quick ride on AE just because it was there. We went from there straight to Flight of Fear. I sat with Kirsten, my sisters roommate in the front seat. That was a fun ride, as always. Next, my sister wanted to ride Italian Job. So we got first car seats. After we finished that, we rode The Beast. Great ride. We went to FX so they could take a quick rest. We then walked right onto The Vortex, because everbody loves that ride. That was Kirsten's favortie. We wanted to ride Delerium, but after five minutes, there was thunder so we had to go somewhere else. We chose scooby doo. We waited a while and once we got into the secret passage, it closed down, The torm had gotten so much worse. The wind was storn, blowing wind inside. We got hit by a few drops, while still waiting. The floor had flooded. We had to make a run. We took off our shoes and sprinted to the front. Then jumped through the pools of water. Till we reached the car. It was 230. Short day. But it was fun, and they got to ride everything they wanted. So, overall, i had fun.

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Yup, today was a HECKTIC day! The winds were so strong, it blew over FOUR EuroBungee pads! Three are crushed and one flew like a frisbee about alllll the way about 10 from The Racer! I had to help dis-assemble them. It sucked.

But yea, I was at 3 Point untill 12:30, then Speed Pitch/Arcade from 2:30-6. With EuroBungee mixed in. Don't expect it to open for a while!


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That looks like an AWFUL storm. We had lots of lightning and heavy rain here in Columbus, but it wasn't that bad. At least you got to ride what you wanted, and had fun. I remember one time I went to Kings Island and there was snow and hail. It was like a blizzard, and the hail hurt really bad when we were running back to our car.

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It rained kinda hard for few minutes here in the northern suburbs in Dayton but that wasn't until about 5'oclock.

The same thing happened on Wednesday, it hardly rained at all at KI, other then a few sprinkles but I it was pouring at home.

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I was at the park yesturday also and that storm was the worst ive seen while at KI and that has been for the past 8-9 years. If i had an estimate i would say winds were between 50 and 60 at one point and i actually saw it start to hail for about a minute or two. However the rain was not the worse ive seen i remember a couple years ago it poured for like two hours straight and there was flooding everywhere in the park and it sucked walking through there like that but i do feel sorry for all the employees that had to run for shelter in that storm yesturday and im glad i wasnt one of them.

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Guest faceoff

I remember about four years ago in august, i came to Kings Island. I stayed at the Kings Island

resort. My plan was to rest and relax the remainder of the first day and spend the next three days

at the park. About 7pm, a strong thunderstorm arrived and continued for two hours. There was

heavy rain, very strong winds, lighting everywhere and some hail. There was also a tornado

warning(funnel cloud sighted in lebanon, ohio). Everybody staying at the hotel had to go to the

lowest room in the resort. We waited about 45 minutes. Since i live in a area, where tornado's

do not happen- i was really worried for me, my car,hotel. Losing my car, would bring a end to the

vacation. Thankfully, no tornado's happened and the next three days were beautiful. All other trips

to Kings Island since have been free of bad weather.

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Guest kwindshawne
Speaking of tornado warnings what happens if there is a warning and a spotting close to the park where would you go, or where would you be told to go? Ive always wondered this but i hope it never happens to me

I would hit the restrooms in an interior wall, or if in the open, hunker down between two hills if possible...I know there are very few areas to go..being originally from xenia, that sort of thing crosses my mind often....

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I was there as well on Friday....The day was spectacular until the storm. I was stuck under the awning at IJ:ST and my wife was at the restroom by The Beast/La Rosa's. I have never gotten so wet in my life... The hail hurt as well. the monsoon left standing water in front of LaRosa's at least 8 inches deep. I saw numerous people wading through it.

However, we were able to ride 7-8 rides in the 3 hours we were there:

- Beast


- Vortex


- Racer

- Scooby Doo, Haunted Castle

- Avatar

- Eiffel Tower

I can't wait to go back next year.

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