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  1. Alright well since I said I would give them, here are my opinions on the show. -If you are into stage shows and theatrics and people harmonizing songs (and even the TV show Glee), then this is a good show for you. -If you are really into the game Rock Band and can play every song on Expert or can actually play an instrument and want to get on stage... this show is not necessarily for you. From what I gathered from the one show I saw, only grade school aged kids are going to be selected to go on stage. And even though they are up there with Rock Band instruments in their hands and they are looking at a TV screen (plugged into what looked like an XBOX 360 Elite) what the audience sees of the game play is just a video. It was kind of obvious this was the case when the kid playing drums at one point dropped his sticks but some how managed to keep a perfect 4X multiplier. As CedarPointer said, the show does have humor. But going into it don't forget that it is just a show. The drummer from the "All Star" band hits the drums during the show but obviously not loud enough to be heard and the guitars (even though they look real) aren't plugged in to anything. Everyone on the stage but the kids from the audience are theatrical performers. As Ryan said, there were some technical problems yesterday. I went to the 6pm show and it seemed like whenever the tour manager character walked on stage his mic was not turned on and so no one could hear him. There seemed to be other problems with mic levels but the main guitar player for the touring band sounded great and his talking voice was amazing. They also were having problem with their audition station and by the time I got there no one could play it and by the time I left for the day the Rock Band gaming stuff was taken away. If you do really like the show, they do have a couple merchandise tents set up. So my closing personal thoughts are if they take away the video screens that say "Rock Band Live" and show Rock Band game play then this is just like any other show you'd see at Kings Island and you wouldn't have to make the Rock Band distinction. But since it is Rock Band Live and they sing songs found on Rock Band then you may get some Rock Band fans that are disappointed that they can't showcase their Rock Band playing talents. However, if you are a parent with a younger (grade school aged) child that enjoys Rock Band and you'd like to make their trip to Kings Island special, take them over to the audition station and see if they can't get on stage. The kids that were on stage looked like they were having a blast and after the show they got their pictures taken with the performers. Hopefully this clears up any confusion about what Rock Band Live is all about.
  2. I'm alright at it. I'm pretty sure I can beat every song on at least Hard on any instrument. I can beat pretty much every song on Expert on bass and most songs on lead guitar on Expert. If I know the song I can sing it on Expert but if I don't know it I normally don't sing it. My XBOX360 gave me the RRoD a couple months ago so I haven't played it since. Oh well, it should be interesting.
  3. I'll probably be stopping by after work today so I'll check it out for everyone.
  4. I was in line for The Beast yesterday and there was a folksy group of people behind me. The one was proclaiming to the others that when they crank up the lift hill speed on The Beast it'll go 91-92 MPH. I was about to say something to them when the age old saying popped into my head, "You can't teach stupid."
  5. Now that I know everything there is to know about visiting the Great White North, does anyone have any details about this show? It says: And then it says: So I guess it's a mix of whatever random people they have hosting the show playing and then whatever guests get high scores at the game stations? Also, where are the game stations set up? When will you be able to play at said stations? It claims this runs from June 3 - 13 but then has a list of shows Sunday - Saturday. With the 3rd being this Thursday, does that mean try outs start then and performances are June 6 - 12? Can you only try out from the 3rd to the 5th or will you be able to continue to try out as the shows are going on? Does anyone have any idea what is going on with this?
  6. My guess would be up I-Street till you get to the theater and then go through Nick U. That's the way I went to The Beast at the opening last year since the other walkway was closed.
  7. Yeah, and even the voice guy sounds like something you'd hear advertising Disney.
  8. An interesting concept coming from Europe. It looks like EPCOT but inside. http://www.diamonda.nl/index.php?option=co...29&Itemid=2
  9. I've only seen people line jump at Firehawk once. My friends and I were actually next to get let into the station and then attendant told us to wait there as they went after the perpetrators and removed them from the line. I don't know if they were kicked out of the park or not.
  10. It depends on how you use the superlative "large": area taken up, money spent, time spent, importance to the future of the park, importance to the current state of the park etc... My guess is that more time and money has been spent in SoB (at least in recent history) but The Beast is obviously much more important to the park. And unless Frank changed his original post since the time when Terpy read it and I read it but from what I can tell, Frank wasn't just talking about next year... As far as I can tell, Frank realized that. But it does seems like Kings Island, under Cedar Fair, is trying to return back to the basics. More and new entertainment was added last year along with the jump and rope walk events. They even added much more garbage cans. I don't know if anyone listens to Behind the Thrills podcast but a few weeks ago our own Don Helbig was interviewed on there and he talked about bringing street performers to the park. IMO, nothing beats a good Barbershop Quartet. Well, maybe something "Maverick-y"
  11. At 36 seconds in, does anyone else hear the PA guy say "KGB"?
  12. O yeah, he looked at the prints and said the helix were loops, technically horizontal loops, but not like the inversions on SheiKra.
  13. Manta is another ride that B&M had created for this upcoming season, but I never heard any parallels between them other than that. Any coaster on this list, Diamondback could be compared to since they are all B&M "Mega" Coasters http://rcdb.com/ir.htm?model=124
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