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The Benefits of being Amazing: KI 8-03-09


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Today I went out to KI with my cousin who is visiting from Pennsylvania and had a pretty awesome time. We started they day of on Diamondback, row 2, and my cousin loved it. Then we headed over to The Beast and after waiting the longest amount of time I have ever waited for The Beast (All, and I mean ALL, of the queues were filled!) we had a great ride despite me cringing at the trim brakes. After that we headed over to The Vortex but the line was a bit too long so we headed back to the Rivertown LaRosa's for some pizza. We both got the usual two slices and ice water and finished em' up quick. (Now for the amazing part) So we were just sitting there and a kid from another table came over and gave us two slices leftover on the full pizza his family ordered, we gladly accepted those, of course! Then another guy from another table said "Hey, I got a large orange Fanta I haven't touched if you want it!). We just kinda looked at eachother and he brought us the cup. After some investigation we deemed the cup to be drinkable and had at it. Then we started wondering why we got free stuff, is it because we look homeless? Is it because we finished our food so quickly? Or was it because we are simply amazing? But that didn't bother us too much so we got up and headed for The Racer, short wait, and had a great ride. That great ride was followed by another, Adventure Express. Then we rode Drop Tower twice, followed by a ride on Flight Deck (Both amazingly awesome). We got one more ride on Diamondback in before heading back to Slingshot to wait for an hour and then get shot into the sky. This was my second time riding it (First doesn't count IMO because my eyes were closed and I was too freaked out to notice anything) and it was also, you guessed it, amazing. All in all by the end of the day we really did have an amazing time!

EDIT: Sorry about the overload of the word amazing, I really just felt like saying that a few (thousand) times!

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Amazing trip report! I went Saturday and the lines for Diamondback, The Beast, and Vortex were amazingly long. That's amazing that those people gave you that pizza and Fanta, at least you didn't have to shell out an amazing amount of nickels for those! Thanks for amazing us!


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As someone whose friend competed on that TV show The Amazing Race (not a Linz person, btw) I hear the 'amazing' crap enough as it is and this TR is taking things to a whole other level now!

That is an Amazing observation!!!! LOL

Sorry, I had to

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