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Charlie Brown and the Haunted Mansion?

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This is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time we've seen one of the parks say that Scooby and friends will be removed from the dark rides, which lends credence that we'll see them turn into the more generic GhostBlaster themed ride. There was debate over how extensive the dark ride's retheme would be. So, in short, no this wasn't announced already.

So you will take Screamscape's word over BoddaH's?

In short, wow...

Screamscape announced Diamondback much earlier than Boddah.

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Personally I like the so-called generic theming idea better, It just seems to me to be more about Scooby Doo than it does a haunted house, I like to feel like I'm going through a haunted house, not Scooby Doo is going through a haunted house, but that's just me

FYI-In all of the Scooby-Doo Dark Rides your helping Mystery Inc.and Scooby-Doo slove the Mystery of Ghastly Manor or Scary Swamp with the help of your Frightlight FlashLight it helps you find clues and scare away those spooky spectors! and creepy creeps!

Yeah Scooby-Doo is scary and more intense than anything peanuts all of the mysteries in the scooby cartoons feature Ghosts,Ghouls,Goblins,Witches,Demons,Monsters,Creatures rooted in Cryptozoology!

I'm so bummed KD's Scooby-Doo Dark Ride was so awesome! so it's gonna be the same but with snoopy and peanuts pop ups?...Weak Move!

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