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Its crazy that I live less than 20 minutes from Camden Park, but never go. The Big Dipper was the first roller coaster that I ever rode. Its weird to think that early in 07 I was terrified of it, and by October of that same year I was riding Son of Beast and loving it.

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I'm taking my wife to Camden Park before summer ends. She is anxious to see the park that I grew up visiting ;) And I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a Stewart's Hotdog as we pass through Huntington on the way home! ;)

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Many childhood memories were made there. I remember when the cost of admission was ten cents. That was for parents that had smaller children (or grandparents) that did not want to ride. They could watch their own kids have fun on the attractions..

My school outing was always in late May and during the week, the cost to us was just a mere $5. You can hardly purchase a Pronto Pup and drink for that nowadays. I always had fun and rode The Big Dipper about a half dozen times. My record in my 8th grade year was 17 laps.

Now gone, are the Turnpike (car ride) The skating rink, Spider, and now the bumper cars (RIP)

Many other rides have come and gone, as with any park. Do yourself a favor, If you have never been to Camden Park, make the trip, some of these "older" rides are just all about gone. You may never get another chance to take a spin on some classic amusement park rides.

Does anyone remember the "Hurricane" at Camden Park?

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