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Do You See Cedar Fair Investing in MagicBand/RFID Technology?

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My apologies in advance if this idea has already been explored on this forum.  

As many of you theme park enthusiasts are probably aware, some of the world's leading theme park companies -- namely Universal & Disney -- are investing in RFID technology or similar technologies for their guests to use for annual passes, FastPasses, credit card transactions, room keys, etc.  Does anyone think it probable that Cedar Fair might bring a similar system to its parks?  Ideas for what it could be used for in Cedar Fair parks include the following:

  • Season passes
  • Credit/Debit cards for food, drinks, merch., etc. 
  • Lockers
  • Fast Lane
  • FunPix
  • Games 
  • Location tracking for lost guests 
  • Rides' alternate access for guests with special needs

For those of you who are not aware, the traditional use of such technology comes in the form of wristbands.  Disney kicked it off with MagicBands.  Universal is joining the movement with TapuTapu.  Although I am not aware of parks using anything other than wristbands, RFID technology in theme parks could also be used in keychains, lanyards, or merely any other accessory.  

Cons: Merging so many things into one platform can lead to unimaginable consequences for the park and its guests should the system ever crash, get hacked, etc.  

Pros: I believe that such a system would be very beneficial for guests and Kings Island, as it would minimize the number of cards, codes, wrist bands, etc. that the Park issues each day to its guests.  The upfront cost for Cedar Fair for the initial implementation would be obnoxious.  However, if implemented correctly, it could save money for the park further down the road.  

What are your thoughts?  





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I think Dorney has/had (at least as of 2015) FastPay, which is an RFID wristband that one could put $ on to pay for things. I know I picked up an advertisement about it when I went there 2 years ago. Here's an article about it: http://themeparkuniversity.com/theme-parks-101/cedar-fair-tests-fastpay-system-dorney-park/. Not sure if any of the other Cedar Fair parks have implemented/tested FastPay.

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Thanks so much for sharing!  It's disappointing to see that particular guest had such a bad experience due to Dorney Park's lack of training.  I just Googled "Fastpay Dorney Park."  Most results I got were for 2013.  Some were for 2014.  I have a feeling FastPay is no longer a thing.  I really hope Cedar Fair gives it another go in the future!  As the article pointed out, the park REALLY could benefit from it a lot if it really puts forth the effort in research and development both before and after the system is implemented.  

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 Being a regular Disney visitor, I can say that the Magic Band program is really nice there. It's your room key, it's your park tickets, it's your meal plan, and when you have pics taken in the park, they scan them into your wristband, which then puts them on your personal web page part of your trip. It's hard to say if it would be beneficial for KI or Cedarfairs as a whole the way it was for Disney because no resort, but I can say from a user stand point, it's awesome. When we head out to the parks, there's no need for keys, wallets, phones etc, and when you're in a theme park, the less you can lose, the better. 

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