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We need to talk about Cedar Point’s 150th celebration

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I went to Cedar Point over the weekend. As it happened, their 150th celebration kicked off on Saturday. 

First let me say, they have some of the coolest logo’ed merchandise. Almost all is limited edition. I found a shirt I wanted but they had sold out of my size already, so I sprung for a Tervis simply because it looked so cool! 

Let’s zip ahead to the celebration.  Spoilers ahead.

The parade kicks off at 8:45, which is a little later than Grand Carnivale’s 8:00 start. This works out well because the lighting on the floats can really be appreciated in dimmer light. The audio is zoned - meaning it doesn’t kick on until the parade is near. I’m on the fence about that because a lot of people were asking if the parade was still going to happen while we were waiting, but it certainly does add some magic for when the parade arrives.  

The parade was certainly modeled off of Grand Carnivale’s parade. It even goes as far as having similar show stops, using “Shut Up And Dance” and ending with streamers.  But hey - they were great choices for Carnivale and great choices for this parade too. 

Now, the floats on the other hand… dear Lord! They were huge, technically creative, and nostalgic - all wrapped into one. 


After the parade, everyone followed the floats to Celebration Plaza. The stage was decorated with an incredible set designed by the very talented Jason Curtis. 


The show itself was worth the price of admission. It was a celebration of Cedar Point’s history and a celebration of the trends of the eras. There was Magic Kingdom-like energy on that plaza. It has a concert feel that is both difficult to describe and replicate. 

One thing that I thought was particularly cool was when they talked about building Hotel Breakers, they interacted with the actors on the Hotel Breakers float, when they talked about the coasters they interacted with the actors on the roller coaster float, when they talked about Cedar Downs… let’s just say we had a pony race!  All of this culminated into an experience where the thousands in attendance are probably going to need a grin-ectomy to wipe that smile off of their faces.

Many have mentioned that they had put two years of blood, sweat, and tears into this celebration and every minute of that effort showed. 

I had always had a weird relationship with Cedar Point. I loved the coasters, but felt like it missed some of the magic that other parks naturally had. I feel very differently about that now. 

…and the best part? The fun is just beginning!




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I haven't been to Cedar Point since the year before GateKeeper, even though we live 2 hours away (we have kids, and KI is the better park for that). I've always been the same way -- loved the coasters, but there was an element that KI has that was always missing from CP. But these pictures are so good -- those floats are really cool, and I could feel the thing that made them unique to CP (those floats would not have worked at KI). I need to get back there soon! 

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