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  1. If your going in late September/ October make sure to attend Halloween Horror Nights. It's quite simply the best. Also a few pictures I have of Kong: Kong is basically finished; just tying up a few loose ends at this point. If you are not a fan of all the 3D attractions at Universal don't worry. While it will have 3D it will also have a lot more practical sets and effects than Universals recent E-Tickets. If this ride isn't your number 1 most anticipated ride of 2016 it should be. Mr. Woodbury and Mr. West have packed several surprises inside no one will see coming. In fact I do dare say that it might just be the scariest ride ever built...
  2. Valravn reminds me of a pretzel for some reason...
  3. Man I wish I lived in Orlando... The best parks anywhere all within 15 minutes of each other. Anyways I took some photos of Hulk on Monday and Tuesday. While the layout is exactly the same their have been a few design changes. Mostly in the supports. Right now it's looking like track placement is taking place mostly at night; probably because everything is now very close to guest areas. And it is coming together very quickly. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Monday: Tuesday: Someone has informed me that as of today the final brake run is covered with plastic... I wonder if they are installing the brakes. And of course all photos were taken from guest areas. ...silly me
  4. I feel like this is one of the aspects of the industry that is really changing. Now in order to have a world class attraction you have to have world class theming to go with it. Not saying that you have to theme to the extent of Disney or Universal. But I feel that a themed que, station and story really add to a ride. I'd much rather have a highly themed small roller coaster; than a coaster that isn't themed but shatters records. Look at Baron 1898 at Efteling. It's fairly small but I'd take it over Valravn any day. At the end of the day your record breaking coaster will eventually loose its records. But awesome theming lasts forever. *Cough Cedar Fair Cough*
  5. As much as I love Disney World; I've learned something about the theme park industry. And that is when it comes to Universal and Disney their is unquestionably a double standard. If Disney were to add the exact same rides Universal has added since 2010 they would be praised for their engunity and theming. They'd be the star attractions at Walt Disney World. But because it's Universal and not Disney they are critized for doing to many 3D based attractions. Why? Quite simply because Universal isn't Disney. Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy Disney World, and I adore Disneyland. But until their is a major change of heart at Disney World I'll be spending my money at Disneyland and the park chain that's redefining the industry: Universal Studios. And for the people who say Diagon Alley is just a few shops and a screen based attractions or that Universal doesn't have any timeless brands. Tell that to the people who were moved to tears by Diagon Alley.
  6. Going to say something controversial I'm sure. But I've found, with the exception of Cedar Point, that Cedar Fair and Six Flags have equally awful operations. At least from the parks I've visited.
  7. Wow... Universal is just unstoppable; it seems all they can do is hit home runs. And to think they also have a new hotel, water park, and two other rides going up with Hulk and Kong. And that's just the Orlando property...
  8. Hi everyone. Long time reader, thought it was time to finally get an account. Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad location for the basketball game? It feels tacky under the helix; nor am I a fan of when they kill nice green space in favor of more Cedar Fair style theming (concrete)
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