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  1. I was a huge fan of SOB’s teaser. I will never forget that box rattling and shaking with those chains on it. That was pretttty legit.
  2. I’ve had a few brewskis and quickly scrolled through... read a few here and there. But. What if this is like a weird cross of Mav and a Gig? Like launch your happy self up a 286 ft lift down a 300 ft drop and then do fun stuff. But then again. You can’t have two launch coasters next to each other... or can you. Record breaker: the ONLY park with two launch coasters within 100 yards of each other.
  3. I feel like since you had the “snap shot” of the original leak. And now just said the marketing department needs a raise. You indeed work for the marketing department.
  4. @sixohdieselrage oh! in no way I was I saying you are doing negative for us. I truly think it’s incredible that we have a member who can produce what you produce. I mean. What other park forums have a dude with a plane that can drop photos almost every other week ha. ^^kinda why I think KI would go the extra mile here to throw us off. We go to some crazy lengths to try and figure this stuff out.
  5. After MT’s leak and this forums relentless attempts to find information..whether with the city, Clermont, or the flyovers. And also knowing that KI officials do browse on here.. I kind of think that KI/CF just stepped the game up by a mile and is just taking teasers to a whole new level. Whenever whatever this is (whether it be bathrooms, a monster coaster, or dip n dots) I truly believe that we are going to see something completely different from what we are looking at now. Andddd. We will be absolutely mind blown when it is released.
  6. Dolly world. But not for the rollercoasters if you get what I’m saying...
  7. Also. The new snoopy show at the Peanuts Showplace is called Space Beagle... clearly a teaser for this new coaster.
  8. I’m also curious about why half the loop and a single train for FH is still sitting there. I’m assuming both will be used for a entrance/ride theme of some sort since they have been left out in the elements..?
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