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  1. If KI don't get these Former Coney Rides such as Flying Bobs and Tilt-A-Whirl" and Rock O Plane a former Americana/Coney and Legend Ferris Wheel in Cincy Area , by next year or 2021 and I would be unhappy and KI miss opportunity to get it and waste money on New Roller Coaster or Fancy Rides. Better Idea get some Coney Rides first before buy some expensive rides.
  2. Phyton is removing from the park as of Nov 1st and relocating somewhere else. I hope this coaster would stay in Cincy Area.
  3. IT LOOK LIKE CONEY ISLAND WILL BE DEFUNCT IN THE FUTURE . IF Brenda continue to jack up the price of season pass. Which Means Balloon Glow and Summer Fair can appear in Kings Island in the future if Coney closed for good despite they have successful with Coney with the rides or without the rides.
  4. Yep KIC Legend , Coney Island owned by Walker Family since 1990 who are independent owned not corporation such as Cedar Fair and Six Flags. I met Brenda Walker in 2017 when I get my free Summerfair tickets for my relatives in front of her office and she is nice lady however I am kind of shock her that she decided to drop theme rides all together after 2019 Coney Island season in favor of water park and i heard some body told me she wanted to expand the wave pool and i told that person how you can added the wave pool if this place going to flood every winter. Lmao She lucky keep mini Golf course, Games of Skill with game room going to keep for now which was original plan removed along with the rides, and Paddle Boat in former amusement side which become new section for water park. But Shows and Rides are gone poof out of the building. I have feeling she wanted Coney Island not just only the water park and she wanted Coney Island to be normal park without no rides just like Lakemont Park Lmao.
  5. Be Honest if Kings Island buy Phyton from Coney next year if Coney have auction off their rides despite KI have no plans to get it as of right now. I have feeling they would kept Phyton name however if Six Flags buy Cedar Fair and Phyton would renamed Road Runner Express
  6. Hmm Vortex is leaving now. Coney Mall Expansion with new rides hmm?
  7. Golf and Cincy Mini Golf and Moonlite Garden stay next year part of water park theme and rest of them like shows, gift shop, games, restaurant, and rides in Former theme park side at Coney are proof and gone next year .
  8. I hope Kings Island would get some Coney Rides next year? Despite they have no plans get Coney rides as of right now . I see in the future Python would become Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Chaser in Planet Snoopy area at KI next year CoasterRz. Here the list they would get: Python turn into Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Chaser or New Bavarian Beetle Rock O Plane at Coney Mall section to keep legacy alive for Coney and LeSourdesville Lake in Cincinnati area River Runner turn into Viking Ship 2 or Camp Snoopy Boat Ship Wipe Out can be on former Cyrpt building or in Action Zone section Tempest to keep legacy alive for Coney and LeSourdesville Lake in Cincinnati area Tilt-A-Whirl Round Up at Area 51 near Coney Mall Top Spin can be on former Cyrpt building as well or some where in Kings Island section Flying Bobs That's list for now
  9. I heard Coney keeping Peddle Boats and Golf Course and Moonlite Gardens next year despite water park only theme.
  10. HMM. If Summer Fair won't workout with Coney next year due to it's just water park only and Moonlite Gardens still there. Let Bring SummerFair to Kings Island in 2021 Baby.
  11. LMAO Nice Try Coney Coney Island Amusement Park is dead 1886-2019. Their Legacy is lives on in our heart. I hope many Coney Season pass holder going to Kings Island next year
  12. Not Only, They removing the rides and they also get rid of gift shops, games, food , and shows from Amusement Park side of this Coney Island except Moonlight Garden would stay but how long ?
  13. There is no way KI would say that there is no plan on bringing Coney Rides and they just wanted to keep secret anyway. KI needs some parts from Coney Rides such as scrambler and bumper cars and new Vikings ship from Coney to old Viking Ship in Kings Island and adding some dose other trill rides from Coney Such as flying Bob's, Phyton, Top Spin, and Wipe Out . Will see how it's playout. Thanks KI Guy to confront us that there's still chance Coney rides would be KI next year.
  14. Dear KI, Despite you not planning to get Coney Rides. Just rethink to get them in the future because you haven't have Galaxi or Round Up since late 70s which people will remember it from old days at KI . In addition, you can add wipe out,top spin, twirl wheel , and rock o plane to keep them in Cincinnati to keep Coney Legacy alive Adding new attractions other than Coney Rides is really expensive and Ceder Fair wants fancy rides not wash up park rides just like Coney Sincerely Joey P a Coney and Kings Island fan
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