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  1. Maybe! I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll have him call tomorrow during their business hours to double check.
  2. Any other employees here? My son checked his schedule for this week and is supposed to work on Thursday, December 7th in the evening. He emailed them to ask if that is correct because we both thought KI is closed on Thursday. He hasn’t heard back from anyone in HR yet. Anyone know if they’re open on Thursday this week? (Despite the calendar on their website showing it as closed)
  3. Thanks! He is a minor so I figured they’re the first to go. But it has him frustrated to the point of him wanting to look elsewhere for a summer job next year. It was back in the PKI days when I worked there but I don’t recall this ever being the protocol. If we were having a slow day we cleaned or did inventory or maybe got moved to a different shop, we were never told to clock out. Before school started I would drop my son off before I left for work and if they sent him home he was stranded there until someone could pick him up. Just not the best policy when you employ a bunch of non-driving minors IMO.
  4. Is there a forum specially for current/past associates? My son is working in merch this year and I am curious about some of the staffing procedures. My son gets sent home about every other shift. It’s very frustrating. Yesterday, for example, his dad drove him from his home 30 minutes away. My son worked for an hour and then was told he had to clock out. He asked to stay but they refused. This happens all the time! He is scheduled to work every day of Labor Day weekend. We won’t make any plans for that weekend since he is scheduled but my guess is he probably won’t work all three scheduled shifts as he will surely be sent home one or all three days. He gets penalized for missing or calling off but they can force him to go home with no notice. Anyone else had a similar experience or know of other associates who are forced to clock out from scheduled shifts with no notice?
  5. So odd. I never did get any official email. I did send an email to guest services right before 10 and they sent me the code about ten minutes later. I got tickets to the Berlin concert. I was kind of surprised how much some of the tickets were! I ended up getting some decent mid-price seats. I think the last concert I saw at Timberwolf was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch so it will be fun to see a show there again.
  6. Have they released the presale code for pass holders??
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