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  1. Paramounts Islands of Adventure has a nice ring too it
  2. My best experence with a employee was the last day of the season this year. I was the 1st one down there and waiting on the acers who were at beast still. Got 2 solo cycles and a nice conversation. Helped me get off to a good start even though my snapping skills well sucked all day. I have to agree that as a employee things were fun. Me and my buddy tom did some wacky things down on top gun. Slow dancing with a stick, monkey checks. Fun all around!
  3. I was a ride op on SOB. I will stay in rides. I was thinking north pie.
  4. I recived my rehire packet from PKI today. I was thinking about it and quite frankly when I left I hated the place anyways. I have been back as a guest and its spark hasn't left but I am not sure if I should go ahead and return. I was a rides person and I worked on Son of Beast. I think I might go someplace less hetic I dunno. I figured I would ask an opinion. I am also sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
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