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  1. So what if everyone choose to get in the SRL, guess what....*GASP*....they can literally only board when there are left over seats and/or odd numbered groups in the main queue. That is how the friggen SRL works! There is no tricky situation. People in the SRL can only board when theres odd numbered/left over seats from the main queue. The viewpoint of the original poster is wrong and most likely an adolescent who didn't think things through before posting. Kind of like you did. The only way this is unfair is if the ride/line OP is boarding the train using the SRL prioritized first or even in pairs. For which wouldn't be the guests fault, it would be the ride/line OP. Also the likelihood that the SRL becomes the majority picked line is unlikely due to there are so many factors with one of the biggest is most people like riding with their family, friends, or people they came to the park with.
  2. I believe a similar event happened at a six's flags park when the raft also turned over before/on the conveyor lift.
  3. Chiming in here, KI does not host this event. KI is merely the place that the event takes place at. Any company/organization can rent out the park for a private event. On the topic of "black lash and public disapproval" one year a religious group proceeded to gain entry to this event and started handing out flyers, it's to my knowledge those groups of individuals are still banned from the park. Remember folks Kings Island is private property! Another great year in the books! Also good news there will be a Pride Night next year.
  4. May the odds be ever in your favor. Now let the hungry games begin!
  5. lol @ this. A little late, but thanks anyways.Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk If one person didn't know and finds out by my post, my job is done. *fingerscrossed*
  6. They're announcing the 2nd attraction tomorrow 8/18/2016 in the festhaus
  7. Here is a thread on reddit where some great points and thesis are brought up on what may of happened. https://www.reddit.com/r/kansascity/comments/4wtaow/gruesome_details_revealed_in_boys_water_slide/d69tgiu
  8. According to locals and previous POV ride ons that spot has always been there you can see it in this clip, look to the left when the raft is going up the hill.
  9. After reading about what eye witnesses have stated it seems like the harness failed and or was not secured properly and the boy became unsecured from his harness on the first drop.
  10. My only complaint are the dam brakes in the middle of the ride. Joker Jinx is still superior in my opinion. Other than that its a fun ride.
  11. CF's attorneys are probably well aware that they don't need to file for federal trademark just yet, they can comfortably apply well after the announcement.
  12. All this talk about mergers and the past, has anyone seen a certain T-rex lately? Yes? No? dammit...
  13. Dam I've forgotten what that beast looked like. Truly and literally breath taking or taken. Edit: lol I just realized where its photoshopped at.
  14. If you find a ride at KI and you are curious if you're going to fit, you may go up the exit and call over a ride assistant/operator and ask to do a "test fit". They will allow you to do so.
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